Keep these Tips in Mind Before Signing an Office Space Lease

Renting an office space is a big commitment. Luckily, a lot of communities provide many options and experienced professionals are ready to help you make the right call.  When looking for an office space for lease near me, here are some tips to simplify the process:

Get the Amount of Space you Need

It is easy to get tempted to splurge on an office space that will impress your clients and new employees. However, before you do, ensure the space can help achieve your business goals and is priced at a level you can afford even if your sales get slow. In a lot of spaces, you can access shared amenities like a conference room and a kitchen. And you do not need to sign a long-term lease that might be required by some traditional office space providers.

Look for an Excellent Broker

If you need more elbow room than you can find or want to commit to more permanent space, you will need a commercial real estate broker with expertise in the office space market. If you don’t know a broker personally, ask other business owners for a referral to a broker who knows your community well. A great broker wants to become a trusted resource you can work with.

Obtain a Second Opinion

Because your employees will spend plenty of time in your office new office, consider asking them for feedback on any space you pick before sign the lease. Ask about how it will impact their commute. If you pick a space that adds thirty minutes to the driving time of your major team members, it could result in tardiness to work or childcare challenges. Thus, it makes sense to discuss possible issues like this early.

Involve an Attorney

Real estate leases can be complicated, particularly if you have not looked at one before. Regardless of how much you like and trust your possible landlord, make sure to pay any agreements you have made in writing and have an experienced commercial real estate lawyer review your lease carefully before you sign. Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about a leaking roof or malfunctioning AC in the next heatwave; however, if problems like this occur, you want to be clear on how it will be addressed. Likewise, you want to know what to expect if you have to end the lease before the term is up, since you may have to negotiate on this.

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