The Best Google AdWords Alternative for 2019        

When it comes to running PPC campaigns, Google Adwords remains the leading platform in the industry. There is no doubt about that, especially since its advantages are hard to beat. However, investing solely on it has some significant downsides. For starters, you might struggle with limited funds if you are starting from scratch (Adwords campaigns can be quite expensive).

Also, you are only going to waste money if you are not doing it cautiously and wisely. This is most notably the case if you have not tried and experimented with Google Adwords before. The idea is never to put all your eggs in one basket. With that being said, it is interesting to include some Google Adwords alternatives in your strategy. Not only will your ROI probably increase, but your results will also be amplified.

#1. Bing Ads

Microsoft’s search engine is the primary and biggest competitor of Google. Sure, the market share might be relatively small, but it is a considerable alternative to Adwords. As with Google, Bing Ads also operates through a bidding system in terms of keywords. Whenever a user performs a search, an automatic auction is conducted on the ad spaces, commonly known as “Real Time Bidding” (RTB).

Since Bing Ads is known for having fewer advertisers in one place (compared to Google Adwords), you can expect bids to be lower. This is a significant advantage, especially for small and medium-sized businesses wanting to advertise with highly-popular search terms. As the advertiser, you will only be responsible for paying someone if there is an actual click on the ad – a principle also known as “Pay Per Click” (PPC). And, oh, let’s not forget the fact that the ads are also displayed in the Yahoo! search engine.

#2. Yahoo! Gemini

Yes, that’s right – the longest serving search engine also has its own advertising program. Launched in 2014, this one right here entirely focused on mobile search engine advertising. The first major advantage of Yahoo! Gemini is the easy-to-understand process of creating new ads and campaigns. This is due to the fact that it has its own operating system, which works quite similarly to that of other big competitors.

Also, with Yahoo! Gemini, you can define target groups in a precise manner. In other words, you can choose highly-targeted criteria such as age, gender, location, group, and others. Even more so, the program allows you to define areas of interest. For instance, to target people that are interested in things like paid digital advertising and marketing platforms (such as the Click2sell marketplace, for example).

#3. Amazon

Amazon has become a significant entity in the marketing realm. With its range of goods becoming more extensive, the importance of local search function is blossoming. Nowadays, people are fond of using the platform to search for product prices and offers. As such, Amazon’s essence, when it comes to marketing, is becoming more indispensable.

The platform offers different ad types. Both Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products are keyword dependents; whereas Product Display Ads are displayed in accordance with the interests of a user. Now, this is a huge advantage, given the fact that you can direct your potential customers to your product or service page. Naturally, the platform is particularly effective in its targeting methods. It knows its users very well, from which product they are interested in buying on a given time, to the product types they are likely to collect more information about and compare offers.

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