Canvas Prints: All You Need to Know About Them

Decorating one’s home or office is fun. However, it can also be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. One easy way to decorate a home or office can be by using products like canvas prints. These are easy to hang, high-quality images, and you can find them in many sizes, colours, patterns, etc. You can get canvas prints online or shop for them from the nearby stores. There are two different types of canvas prints. and they are:

  1. Custom-Made or Personalised

These are prints that you can get made according to your preferences. These could be pictures with friends, family, celebrities etc. Since canvas printing services use computers to make them, you can photoshop and include a person in the family photo who couldn’t be there or photoshop in a celebrity for fun.

  1. Stock Images

These are pre-made canvas prints, and the pictures could be of anything. They are available to choose from a wide range of genres and according to your preference. Since these are pre-made, there is no option to customise them. You can find more variety of these types of canvas prints online than a physical store.

Apart from the above, canvas prints are available in many forms and sizes, and the most popular ones are the following:

Single Panel: A single panel canvas is one piece of canvas that has the whole picture printed. These are easy to make and use, as these are a single piece of canvas. Moving them from one location to another is also relatively easy.

Multi-Panel: A multi-panel canvas is one where a single picture is divided into parts, and these parts are printed on to separate canvases. One can assemble these parts and make a whole picture. It requires a lot of care as the pieces have to be in total sync to achieve the desired result. They are becoming more and more popular these days.

Photo canvas prints usually come in two different materials. These are cotton and polyester. The cotton fabric gets soaked in the colour while the colour stays on the surface of polyester fabric. This makes the polyester ones vivid and the cotton ones long-lasting. While cotton canvases are usually considered better quality, polyester canvases also have their benefits like affordability and bold prints.

One can choose from a wide range of frames for their canvases. Few of the most commonly used frame types are as follows:

Gallery Frames: These ones use mats for an elevating effect that looks like a frame in frame. They can be used at homes to frame your most-loved prints. One can also get four or more prints, framed separately and hang them on a wall.

Modern Frames: These frames are made with sleek designs to put more emphasis on the print. Urban and industrial places usually use prints like these as decor.

Floating Frames: These frames use glass as a background to the print, thus giving it a floating look. These frames can turn a boring wall into a statement.

Canvas prints are beautiful and can be great decoration pieces. These are commonly used in home decor by both homeowners and professional interior designers. You can get motivational pictures on canvas and hang it in the living room. It helps one feel inspired all the time. Canvas prints also decorate commercial spaces, retails stores, showrooms, malls, etc. Canvas prints can turn a boring place into a sophisticated one when coupled with good wall-colour and lighting fixtures.

One can also gift canvas prints on various occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, siblings going to college, graduation, childbirth, promotions, etc. They can be great gifts, are cheap and make moments memorable!

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