Gearing Up For Gemba Walks: A Guide For Businesses

Gemba literally translates into the “real place” in Japanese. Gemba walk is a lean management technique, where managers go to the real work floor to observe things, rather than just taking decisions in a conference room. Gemba walk was made popular by a number of big firms and brands, and experts agree that this is one of the best possible means for improving work and discovering ways for enhancing productivity. Of course, Gemba walks require personal attention of managers, but the good news is there are ready apps, which can simplify the process. Click here to know more about  Tervene, which has an app for streamlining Gemba walk. Besides that, here are some of the other aspects worth knowing.

Avoid the common mistakes

Gemba walk is anything but a bossy exercise. This is not about people or workers, but about the process. Managers may have to sound and act in a certain way to gain maximum participation. It is often seen that managers end up treating Gemba walks as a means to evaluate performance and suggesting changes. The role of managers is rather simple – To observe, deliberate and take necessary notes, which will come handy for decision making. To simplify the process, apps can be used, which reduce paperwork and make it easy to add photos and other details. Gemba walk may take time and is a repetitive process. It is necessary to repeat the exercise at least two to three times per day.

Making the most of the process

Businesses to define the purpose and create improvement plans for Gemba walks. It is also important to communicate the exercise to everyone on the work floor, so that the work process is not disturbed. What’s known as the observer effect should be minimized, and the core team that goes for Gemba walks must be well-versed with the norms. Training first-line managers is more than critical. They need to know what it takes to get feedback and reviews from people on the floor and should be open to handling negative comments, as well. Suggestions and changes must be suggested later.

If your company is gearing up for Gemba walks, the first step is to find a way for streamlining the process, for which an app can be handy. Check all the features and find more on the productivity aspects before taking the final call. Done right, this could be the means to continuous improvement.

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