Business Strategy: 3 Smart Hotel Marketing Strategies to Increase Bookings

To help you take your industry business into to the next level, we’ve the best five hotel marketing strategies to increase bookings.

The hotels and motels industry in the United States is worth over $183 billion.

As a hotel owner or operator, your goal is to increase your bite into this multi-billion-dollar cake. However, your establishment is one of the over 54,000 hotels in the country, which means competition for customers is fierce.

More often than not, running a successful hotel business comes down to your marketing strategy. If your marketing reaches a lot more people than your competitors do, you’ll likely get a higher number of bookings.

So, how do you craft effective hotel marketing strategies?

We’ve got a quick but super helpful guide here. Keep reading!

  1. Keep Your Hotel Website on Top of Its Game

The modern traveler no longer relies on travel agencies to find destinations and make hotel bookings. They use their computers and mobile devices to go online and search for destinations and book trips.

Are these travelers finding your website when they do their online searches?

It’s simple to answer this question. Just look at your website analytics. If traffic is low or stagnant, it’s safe to say they aren’t finding your site.

Even before you invest in digital ads, your first priority should be to update your website and optimize it for search engines. This can be a complex job, so it’s advisable to hire an expert to do it for you.

Once your website gains more search engine visibility, you’ll see an uptick in your traffic volume and number of hotel bookings.

  1. Social Media Is Where the Audience Is At

Yes, the vast majority of travelers start their planning on search engines, but it’s on social media where they form ideas of their next destination.

Here’s an illustration:

A person, scrolling through their Instagram feed, comes across a post from a friend who has recently been to the Tokyo Tower Observatory. The person likes what they see and immediately decides to add the destination to their bucket list.

When they’re ready to visit the place, they will go to a search engine and look up something like “cheap accommodation in Tokyo.” If your site comes up in the search results and your rates are within their range, you could secure the booking.

But you don’t have to wait until travelers find you via search engines. They should find you on social media too.

Craft a proper social medial strategy. Identify the social platforms where your target customers hang out, sign up and start sharing informative and engaging posts. You can also run ads on your chosen platforms.

  1. It’s an Influencer’s World!

A whopping 73 percent of marketers have a budget for influencer marketing, and for good reason. Influencer marketing pays off.

Especially in the hotel industry, consumers are easily swayed off by the content their favorite digital creators put out on various social channels. If an influencer says they had an amazing experience at your hotel, you can count on their word to reach a good number of your target customers and earn you some bookings.

Go Places with the Best Hotel Marketing Strategies

The hotel industry is lucrative, but it’s also super competitive. If you want your facility to stay in business, you have to implement the best hotel marketing strategies, such as the ones described above.

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