Using Call Centres to Boost Customer Retention Rates

Every good business owner is always looking towards the future and how to boost profits. Although there should always be an approach that looks at how to acquire brand-new customers on a regular basis, the best businesses are those that understand how important it is to build a loyal base of returning customers that new customers just continue to add to. Without a solid foundation of customer retention rates, no company can survive for the long-term, as it takes too much effort to continuously find new customers to maintain cashflow and a viable business practice. That is why you should always have a strong plan for customer retention, which can include improved customer service standards and outsourced contact centre operatives performing on behalf of your brand.

You might be wondering what, exactly, can the outsourcing to a call centre do to help your business retain customers?

Well, there are a few ways in which it can help. The first thing to do though is to remind yourself of how much value there is to be had in retaining a customer rather than constantly having to look for a brand-new customer to replace an old customer that has been lost. What can you do to improve those customer retention levels?

The easiest thing to do is to improve your customer service standards.

Analyse how your customer service works at present. Do you have an in-house team that works solely as a customer service desk? How does your complaints process work for customers? Are there robust structures and processes internally that allow for all products and services to be delivered as intended and as advertised to your customers?

If you are having problems, what you can consider is hiring a contact centre to help iron out these issues. A call centre operative is always highly trained in all things customer service. They understand how to speak to a customer, whether that customer is enquiring for the first time, trying to purchase a product or service, asking about the returns policy or attempting to make a complaint.

If your internal team is overstretched or working two or more strands of customer service, a contact centre can work in your favour, They can act as a white label for your company and brand, speaking to customers as if they are your company, with no hesitation and brand consistency a key component of the service. Your customers should never know that they are talking to a team that does not work in-house at your company.

Think about the ways in which you would like to improve your customer retention rates and if it includes outsourcing a contact centre to act as your customer complaints team, your sales team, or just to cover times when your internal customer service team are overstretched or not working, you have some options in front of you. There are expert call centre operatives with tonnes of experience in assisting companies to fulfil potential and to improve and maintain high standards of customer satisfaction. With great customer service and happy customers, you are much more likely as a company to increase customer retention rates and to build a solid future.

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