3 Common Website PopUp Mistakes Every Marketer Must Avoid

Website popups are good and bad. On one hand, it helps in list building and revenue creation but a disaster for user experience. People hate popups and abandon the websites that use them. There are many websites which have bad popups as all marketers want is revenue generation, lead collection, attention and conversions. It doesn’t have to be disaster at all, but for that you need to not commit the following mistakes, as noticed by a conversion rate optimization services agency:

  1. Poor timing

This is one of the biggest mistakes digital marketers make when it comes to website popups: timing. Usually the popup pops out too soon. Wouldn’t you hate it when you are reading an article with focus and you are badly distracted by a full page popup that doesn’t seem to go after you click the close button or no button which is barely visible?

  1. Poor targeting

This happens when there is a mismatch between what you aim at and what you are sending. For example, when targeting a first time organic visitor to a blog with a pop up that features a new product, it may confuse them. Instead you should target on the basis of appropriate user attributes within the context of where they are in the user journey.

  1. Poor copy

It is a big deal when you present your offers with a clear copy. Most of the copywriting include the popups is: vague, mundane, confusing and cringe. There are rare chances of finding a crisp, clear, and compelling copy. The copy you have written for your popup is the most effective way to have converted leads. Sometimes, you may also have to pull your message to the top and deem it prominent. You can also go witty with the copy but clear is often better than witty.

Popups shouldn’t annoy the users. They must add more to the UX when you add a little bit of your effort with analysis and creative targeting. If you avoiding making these mistakes, it is pretty evident that the popups will be a great experience for the users.

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