The Legal Requirements of RAMS

On any work site it is vital that there is a Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) that demonstrates that the health and safety processes have all been followed, and that all hazards and safety training has been effectively created and implemented to ensure the risks of accident and injury are minimised. Through a careful implementation of site management software from a reputable company you can ensure that your specific RAMS are plugged into the site specifics and meet any logistical challenges and potential problems head on.

A management system that is designed to meet the specific needs of your site, contractors, assets, and RAMS helps to maintain a level of consistency throughout the site and for the duration of the project. With a secure and efficient management of RAMS and access to risk assessment software you can ensure that all notes and actions are date stamped, that all information and data is up to date and also ensure that all hazard awareness, risk assessments, and training for all contractors on site (whether for one day or the entire project) has been completed to the fullest degree. RAMS ensure that a project manager has an accurate overview of a situation, with all permits to work submitted well in advance for contractors. This means that even on complex projects set over multiple sites there is an accurate way to understand who is working where, when, and with what work permits and responsibilities.

The risk assessment process itself is one where all potential hazards are identified in a workplace and on a site. These hazards are graded as to how much risk they actually pose to the contractors and employees working on site. This becomes an even more vital component of managing a project when it is on a heavy construction site, or within a challenging environment such as an offshore project. The risks should be explored and analysed, with a clear focus on the potential routes employed to limit those risks or to remove them altogether.

If you are the project manager or person responsible for looking after the hiring and training of new contractors it is important to understand the legal responsibilities of RAMS. There is a legal responsibility for any business employing five or more people to perform a thorough risk assessment documentation process. Even if you are working with fewer than five people however, it would be a bad move to not perform a risk assessment and have RAMS in place, especially if working on difficult terrain and in challenging locations where there is danger inherent in the location and the tasks performed on a daily basis.

Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) are created once the risk assessment process has been completed. They should contain the exact and precise detail of all potential hazards present, and be used a blueprint for all new employees and contractors to follow, as well as existing contractors, to understand and learn how to deal with any potential problems whilst working on site.

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