Sanitary Sight Glasses: What to Look to Look For

The food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical industries are two of the sectors that use sanitation equipment. As part of maintaining their equipment, they will need to ensure the availability of Sanitary Replacements Parts.  Sanitary sight glasses are one of the sanitary parts that industries use to ensure the optimal operations of their sanitary equipment.

How Sanitary Sight Glasses Work

These glasses help avoid bacterial contamination of the foods, drugs, chemicals, and beverages. Industries use these pieces of devices because they don’t require any tools to maintain, as well as economical and easy to use. They allow the condition of the flow of the liquid and medium to be seen through them. If installed within a pipeline or vessel, a sanitary sight glass serves as a window where the operator can observe the processes happening in a boiler, reactors, pipes, or water tank. This allows control of whatever is happening in the container to ensure proper sanitation.

Kinds of Sanitary Sight Glasses

Sanitary sight glasses are available in various styles such as the following:

  • Tubular sight glass. This type of sanitary sight glass works as a tube that the operator can see through.
  • Linear sight glass. This allows the operator to see the liquid’s movement within the pipelines.
  • Circular sight glass. It takes a circular shape and the operator can see through this glass to observe the fluid within a vessel.

Common Materials Sanitary Sight Glasses can be Made Of

Sight glasses can be made by using stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rusting. This is an important consideration as the glass comes into contact with air and moisture that could lead to rusting. Also, the durability of stainless steel makes it an ideal material for making sight glasses. But, other glasses can be made of Pyrex glass. This glass is resistant to acids attack. Because the sight glass comes into contact with fluids and other acids, most industries use Pyrex glass sight glasses. Finally, the gasket in sanitary sight glasses is meant to seal the junctions within them. The materials used in making gaskets include NBR, EPDM, silicone, and Viton.

Sanitary sight glasses are essential tools that industries must have. This allows them to observe maximum hygienic and sanitation requirements. When buying sight glasses, it is important to consider all kinds of sight glasses and pick the one that works best for a specific application. Blind and impulse buying must be avoided as this can lead to picking the wrong glasses that can compromise sanitation quality.

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