Why Use a Free Kanban Board?

Kanban boards are a visual project that is designed to help your teams visualize how the work moves through the stages. They help you balance work that needs to be done with available team members. Kanban boards have cards that represent tasks, and they are placed in columns that refer to the stage of the project. This makes it easy to see how the project is coming along.

Who Created Kanban?

Kanban was a concept developed by a Japanese engineer for Toyota, Taiichi Ohno. He was trying to improve the production system by manufacturing parts based on customer demand. The result was that Toyota could keep less inventory and still be competitive. Kanban is from two Japanese words: Kan means “sign,” and Ban means “board.” In the early 2000s, Kanban was adapted and used in software programs for teams working on projects. Many companies today offer a digital Kanban board free.

How Do Kanban Boards Work?

The Kanban board displays a project board split into columns. Normally, each column is a particular stage of your project. You can have simple columns, with titles that include “to do,” “in progress,” and “complete.” However, you can make them as detailed as they need to be for your project. You can hang a Kanban board in your office, but virtual Kanban boards are great for teams.

How It Works

Whether you set up a Kanban in the office or online, it works the same way. It is made up of cards that represent tasks. The team using the Kanban board can move these cards through the columns, or stages of work, until the task is complete. In general, tasks are assigned to certain team members, so everyone knows who to go to if they have any questions.

When you use Kanban boards, there are certain practices that help you improve and grow. The advantage of Kanban is that you and your team can see tasks move through stages, which makes it less abstract. You can also get real-time updates. In addition, Kanban shows what work is in progress, which allows people to focus on completing tasks. It is easy to manage the flow of work, and it allows you to complete projects on time and early. You can add feedback, and it improves collaboration.



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