How to Enhance the Unboxing Experience of your Customers

These days, a lot of people are buying products from online retailers. This trend is seen to surge with every passing day. Because of this, businesses need to recognize the importance of giving their customers a great unboxing experience. The unboxing of a product is usually the first experience they will have with your company, brand, and product. Failing to make a positive first impression when a customer opens your product will have you running the risk of losing their future business. This post talks about different ways to ensure an excellent unboxing experience that will impress customers and make them loyal to your brand:

Prevent Wrap Rage

Wrap rage usually happens if products have excessive or unnecessary amounts of packaging. This can mean the shipper uses big or multiple cardboard boxes for small products. Overwrapping products with many layers of plastic wrap can also induce wrap rage. Essentially, wrap rage is produced when packaging leads to the consumer spending too much time removing complicated materials. Thus, to prevent wrap rage, use only the amount of material necessary for your product’s size.

Consider Environmental Impact

Brands and businesses that ignore the voices of consumers asking for eco-friendly packaging supplies will lose customers. When picking packaging materials to bring extra protection during shipping, use air pillows instead of Styrofoam packaging peanuts and paper.  Try to use lighter materials that can be recycled include corrugated cardboard boxes.  Know how these materials can help meet your packaging needs by visiting

Offer a Great Online Shopping Experience

This can mean having an easy-to-navigate e-commerce store or website. You can also streamline your customer’s experience with your online business by offering sales, rewards, coupons, and specials to most dedicated buyers. If you want to “wow” your customers with an unboxing experience, you must meet their expectations.

Give Exceptional Customer Service

Ensure you have a dedicated and quality customer service department for your online business. If your customer feels they have to give feedback for improvement, ensure they don’t run in circles by having an automated customer service line. Customers will appreciate it if they can easily and quickly speak with a human being from your end.

Moreover, good customer service is welcoming negative comments from customers and addressing complaints in a timely way. Make your customers feel appreciated and valued by paying attention to their shopping activity and even responses, especially if they are not happy with the package they receive from you.

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