Why Shouldn’t You Proceed in a DUI Case Without a Criminal Lawyer?    

Chicago ranks as the third-most populous city with DUI rates, at par with the national average of about 1.6%. With 1/3rd of deadly crashes resulting from impaired drivers behind the wheels, about 0.53% of them in Mud City have a DUI on their records.

Getting arrested for DUI in Chicago has severe consequences, from loss of driving privileges to a possible jail term. But, while you will find it challenging to avoid a DUI conviction, an experienced Chicago criminal lawyer can help you win a favorable judgment. They have expertise in reviewing case facts and building a solid defense, ensuring your rights are protected.

If still not convinced, these reasons will help you understand why you shouldn’t proceed in a DUI case without a criminal lawyer.

DUI Laws Are Complex

As Illinois is an implied consent state, you cannot deny taking sobriety tests while driving on Chicago roads. And denial can lead to statutory license suspension or even revocation.

On the other hand, if you get caught driving with a BAC level of 0.05% to 0.08%, your penalty will depend on how impaired you are behind the wheels.

But a criminal lawyer has a good understanding of complex DUI laws and all the associated legalities. According to the sections cited, they maneuver your case towards a favorable outcome.

Thorough Knowledge Required to Deal with The Local DUI Laws

The vehicle code at 625 ILCS 5/11-501 defines the statute for DUI in Illinois. A qualified Chicago criminal lawyer will be aware of the code violations, such as having a BAC of 0.08 or more are chargeable offenses under 11-501(a)(1). And then, there are 11-501(a)(2) and 11-501(a)(3) that cover intoxication and driving under the influence of controlled substance charges, respectively.

Since the attorneys have a deep understanding of all local law bindings, they know how to handle the court proceedings for your acquittal or fair plea bargain, in the worst case.

Criminal Lawyers Are Familiar with the Court Process

The Daley Center, Markham, Skokie, and Maywood courthouses in Illinois hear DUI cases in and around Chicago. The top criminal defense lawyers are familiar with the courtroom procedures and judges at these courthouses.

They focus on highlighting your case’s merits and the prosecution’s shortcomings in the courtroom while using their knowledge about the judges’ expectations.

Criminal Lawyers Can Help Win A Favorable Judgement

The 1st DUI conviction in Chicago has a maximum punishment of 364 days jail time with fines of $2,500, while the 2nd offense can get you 5 to 364 days of imprisonment. On the other hand, 3rd-time offenders face more severe penalties with ten days to 7 years of jail term, with similar fines.

As the penalties get harsher for repeat DUI offenders in Chicago, you will need an attorney to manage your case legalities. They fight your case, ensuring you receive the minimum sentence possible.

Final Thoughts

In recent years, Chicago has witnessed a drastic increase in DUI arrests. Over 4,000 cases were reported, with most of them being 1st-time offenders, during the first half of the last decade.

Whether you are a 1st time or repeat DUI offender, engage a reputable criminal lawyer to represent you. While you get legal guidance, you will have the assurance of a fair trial, leading to your confirmed acquittal from all DUI allegations leveled against you.

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