Common Injuries You May Sustain Due to a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall mishaps are common causes of injury in White Plains and the United States. According to the NY Department of health, the city witnesses around 52,673 hospitalizations every year due to slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents can result in severe injuries and unintentional deaths. This article discusses common injuries that you may sustain due to slip and fall accidents.

Head Injuries

According to CDC survey findings, 20% to 30% of individuals who experience slip and fall accidents suffer from severe injuries like head injuries. A fall can result in minor damage to the brain that could heal by rest. In certain cases, it could result in severe head injuries that lead to complex health issues like cognitive impairment, ongoing seizures, and mood changes.

Head injuries caused by falls require hospitalization and emergency room treatment.  Traumatic brain injuries due to falls are generally seen in older age groups and the youngest ones.

Hip Fractures

CDC survey findings show 95% of hip fractures are results of falls, mostly falling sideways.  If you suffer a hip fracture, you may require hospitalization for a week or surgery.

Some hip fracture cases require extensive rehabilitation. Hip fracture surgery may involve artificial hip implantation. The CDC report also mentions one out of five hip fracture patients dies within one year after an accident.

Hip replacement surgery is expensive and could cost around $45000. White Plains slip and fall lawyers believe you are entitled to receive compensation for medical bills if the fall accident results from the manager or property owner’s negligence. An experienced lawyer can study your case and help you get justice if your loved one has suffered injuries due to the other party’s negligence.

Spinal Cord and Back Injuries

Slip and fall accidents can also cause herniated or slipped disc cases. In worst cases, it could lead to vertebrae fracture causing significant pain and limited mobility. A spinal cord injury is generally severe, causing temporary or permanent paralysis.  Mayo Clinic survey findings mention older people over 65 years suffer from spinal cord injuries after slip and fall accidents.

White Plains slip and fall lawyers remind you that you should not feel helpless by injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents. If you have suffered an injury at the workplace, you could file a personal injury lawsuit to get medical compensation from your employer.

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder dislocation or brachial plexus injury is a common injury caused by a slip and fall accident. The brachial plexus refers to a network of nerves connecting your shoulder and spinal cord.

According to medical experts, shoulder injuries are categorized by severity. Grade 4, 5, and 6 shoulder injuries are severe, including muscle detachment from shoulder bone, the AC joint separation, and ligaments tear.

According to the CDC report, there are more than 50,000 new cases of atraumatic occupational shoulder injuries in the US.  Rotator cuff surgery could cost you more than $25,000 in the US.

Regardless of the type of injury you have suffered in the slip and fall accident, you can get monetary compensation for medical bills and income loss during recovery by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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