What Can Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Do for Your Business?

Are you thinking about hiring heavy haul trucking companies to drive your goods for your business across the country? It’s no surprise since there is a shortage of truck drivers and it can be a logistical challenge on your own.

Large trucks that are capable of transporting more cargo and more goods? This eliminates the need for heavy-duty permits for certain loads and permits more cargo to be moved than the weight of states that do not issue heavy-duty permits.

As long as your truck has the right equipment for heavy loads such as a permit, you can load add cargo into containers.

Here’s everything you need to know about heavy haul trucking.


The heavy haul trailers used by heavy hauler companies to transport oversized shipments are configured to carry normal loads. They do not look much different to the untrained eye, but the size of the trailer grows with increasing freight loads.

Heavy haulers must have high skills in the operation of trucks and trailers, in the transport of large loads, and in handling the detailed planning and approval processes in the specialized shipping industry.

Heavy Loads

Loads that exceed the prescribed and legal limits are designed heavy loads in law. Numbers vary from state to state, but anything up to 86 feet in width, greater than 13.6 feet high, taller than 53 feet, and over 80,000 pounds in weight is considered a heavy load.

Trucking companies in Texas handle heavy loads, which include heavy equipment, large loads, and oversized cargo. Some examples of heavy transport are rail cars, transformers as well as other types of electric equipment, components of wind turbines, huge boilers, and industrial equipment.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Company

It is crucial to choose a heavy goods vehicle company that can transport your desired equipment and other types of cargo that need to be moved. When outsourcing to a third transport company, you must ensure that it has the right vehicles for the transport of heavy equipment.

Do not waste time with companies that have the necessary equipment to transport the required loads.

Heavy Haulage Companies and Oversized Cargo

You want to be sure that you are working with a heavy haulage company that can support and maintain the entire process for oversized cargo. It makes sense to use the services of a specialized heavy haulage company as long as they are registered and have applied for the transport permits necessary for the cargo to be transported.

The state and federal regulations for the travel and towing of oversized cargoes are as follows for freight forwarders. Additional permits and documents are required for the transport of heavy loads. You should also get the correct permits for cross-border transport.

Exceeding Legal Limits

The transport of heavy goods or cargo, which exceed the normal and legal size and the permissible weight, requires expert preparation and execution. There is no question that your company needs freight forwarders with specialized equipment and knowledge of how units of a certain size are loaded, transported, and unloaded.

Your company may need different trucks of different sizes depending on the services provided. In this case, you may need equipment to help load and unload trucks, keep inventory safe, and repair damaged parts.

There are a few common factors: size, weight, cargo spacing, type of truck equipment required, required permits, and documentation. Circumstances may include charges for additional manpower and equipment needed for loading and unloading.

Insurance Policies

In the forwarding industry, it is important to take out insurance for all equipment. It is not uncommon for trucking companies to issue insurance for cargoes between $300,000 and $500,000, but these amounts can increase over the course of the journey, depending on the type of cargo.

You will need a special type of insurance that not only covers the drivers of the trucks but also includes the goods in the shipments.

You can be reassured when you know that an experienced company will take care of all aspects of transporting your goods. If you have a company that can handle all the elements of your planning, there is no way that you will have to handle most of your freight needs.

You can pay particular attention to whether your business needs someone to babysit your shipments.

As you can see, you can benefit from working with a forwarding company, even if your company does not have its own forwarding department to transport heavy freight. Do not underestimate the value of freight forwarding services and you can use them to increase your business.

If you want to find a great way to transport freight, you need to find heavy haul trucking companies that you can work with for your business. Outsourcing transporting heavy goods like fuel and large machinery can relieve your company enormously.

Using Multiple Companies or Specialist Transport

Many companies have no way to ship everything they do because they can only move a certain amount with a few company trucks.

You should ensure that the oversized freight forwarder you choose to transport your cargo is ready to share information. If you are looking for help in selecting a heavy haulage company, you can turn to a heavy haulage department, to guide you through the services required to get your next load onto the road.

Specialized transport – as a partner of a major transport company – can provide its customers with the specialized equipment needed to transport heavy machinery.

Customers can benefit from the use of specialist tools and equipment such as cranes to lift and unload heavy equipment with high-quality heavy-duty transport from heavy haul companies.

Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Can Solve Your Problems

Heavy haul trucking companies can solve all of your moving problems. If you have a business that involves moving goods from one area to the other, it no longer has to be a logistical nightmare.

A heavy haul trucking company can get your goods where they need to be and can even supply you with some heavy haul trucks for sale to facilitate your business moving supplies yourself.

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