Top 3 Reasons You Should Absolutely Own a Flatbed Trailer

When driving on the freeway or highway, it’s virtually impossible not to see at least one flatbed trailer drive by. Flatbed trailers are open-deck trailers that are used for cargo that can’t be transported in an enclosed trailer. They are an ideal option to transport large, bulky materials. Flatbed trailers are one of the most convenient options for transporting large cargo.

Have you ever considered owning a flatbed trailer? Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits that you can reap by buying your own.

Ease of Loading and Unloading

Enclosed trailers or vans can sometimes be difficult to maneuver large items. Since flatbed trailers are open-deck, they do not suffer from this same limitation. Forklifts and cranes can load onto flatbed trailers much easier than onto an enclosed trailer. Some trailers are even sold as a flatbed trailer with piggyback forklift for ease of loading.

A good rule of thumb when using a flatbed trailer is to put about 60% of the weight toward the front and 40% of the weight toward the back. This will keep the trailer from fishtailing or having other steering issues. Also, avoid placing weight on only one side of the trailer. This will prevent the trailer from tipping over.

Due to the open nature of flatbed trailers, unloading is also much easier. Flatbed trailers do not need to have loading docks and can deliver to almost any location.

Versatility of Cargo

Flatbed trailers can transport a variety of materials that typically won’t fit into an enclosed, hard-sided space. Some examples of materials that a flatbed trailer might carry are:

  • construction materials
  • concrete or metal piping
  • plumbing supplies
  • lumber
  • cables
  • prefabricated building components
  • large equipment or machinery
  • vehicles or vehicle parts

To keep materials from shifting during transit, flatbed drivers will use chains and straps to secure their cargo to the trailer. Waterproof tarps may also be used to cover their cargo from the elements. These seemingly simple actions will help to protect a variety of materials as they are being transported.

Profitability of Ownership

While purchasing a flatbed trailer can be a higher initial investment, it is more profitable in the long run than a standard trailer. The freight will typically be oversized and more difficult to handle.

With proper training on driving and safety, though, hauling with flatbed trailers will earn more money per mile. This is because driving a flatbed trailer requires high-level and skilled drivers.

Flatbed trailer drivers are typically highly organized and familiar with the extra work that a flatbed needs. They are well-practiced in using tarps, straps, chains, and other equipment to transport their loads.

Get Your Own Flatbed Trailer

Are you ready to go out and get your own flatbed trailer now? There are many different options for flatbed trailers, with different lengths and materials of construction. Take a look and see which one will work best for your business and the type of freight that you’re looking to haul. Owning a flatbed trailer will be a great investment and will make your hauling easier.

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