Tips to Optimize Explainer Video for Social Media

Globally, people spend an average of three hours on social media every day. Explainer videos on social media gain 1200x more shares compared to images and texts. Videos have become an integral part of social media marketing strategy.

But when it comes to explainer videos for social media, you have to shine bright to stand out through the millions of other videos. It comes to how well you use the video to your advantage. Investing in professional video production services like  Picstory can be the game-changer for your business.

It is essential to optimize the video on different social media platforms to attract visitors and increase conversion rates. Here are some tips you can follow to optimize the explainer video for various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter:

Go For Shorter Videos

Social media is a platform where information is fed in bytes that can be watched or read in a matter of seconds and minutes. It is unlikely that people watch a longer video on social media channels. If your video is too long, it can appear to be dull and boring.

Especially, explainer videos must be catchy and feed information that people can learn about in a few minutes. Keep the videos less than two minutes in length. If there is plenty of information to convey, opt for separate mini-videos rather than one lengthy video.

Optimize The Script

To develop a successful explainer video, you must have an excellent script to go with the video. A well-written script is a foundation on which the whole video is built. You can also get help from an outsider, preferably video production services like Picstory.

It is important to discuss with someone who can offer a fresh perspective. If you reach out to places like Picstory, their first step will be to get a creative brief from you. It highlights what your company is and what matters. It comes handy while working on the script for the explainer video.

Choose a Catchy Title

You cannot finalize a title for the explainer video just because it is simple and on point. Engaging titles are the ones that push people to watch the video. You must be ready to spend a fair share of time to come up with an exciting title.

The title should appeal to the audience but should not give away the entire content. Only when it has an intriguing cliff hanger, people will click the video for more information. Also, use relevant keywords in the title.

Don’t Forget the Thumbnails

 Thumbnails can contribute a lot to your business, as it is an integral factor in social media platforms. The first thing a user will see when they find your video on the feed is the thumbnail. It decides whether the video is worth watching or not.

Go for a thumbnail that can grab attention and give a reason for the user to watch the video.

Lack of optimization of content for social media can decrease the engagement and the video’s watch time. If optimized effectively, there are high chances for your explainer video to become famous or viral and increase conversions. Ready to start your video creation journey? Consult with experienced video production services at Picstory.

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