Looking for a Private Office Space in Melbourne? Here Are the Things You Need to Consider

Melbourne is a city in Australia that is known for being the coffee capital of the world. Imagine sipping your coffee in the morning when you come in for work, and you are in such a city with a diverse culture, fantastic street art, and excellent dining experiences. Melbourne is also voted a lot of times as the world’s most livable city and is one of the best cities in Australia for business.  So it’s not a bad idea if you’re considering getting a private office space in Melbourne. If so, below are some factors you need to consider before deciding:

You Can Rent It Short-Term or Long-Term

Looking for private office space in any city could be tasking. You need to find a company that can offer you an office space in Melbourne, with flexible conditions. You do not want to work with a private office space provider who only wants to rent their space to big companies and through a long-term arrangement. Choose a company that will take you in even if you only have five employees and you will only be staying there for a few months.

The office space provider should also be flexible, so you do not feel pressured or unwelcome. Having a good rapport with the provider is a good start because it will contribute to a conducive working environment.


It need not be at the heart of Melbourne, nor should it have a great view of the city. When picking private office spaces, you should consider their accessibility and how near you are to your customers and employees. No one wants to visit your office if it is in a remote area with a transportation issue.


When looking for private office space in Melbourne, you should also check if the area is clean. Clean as in “can-start-working-here-already” clean, so you no longer have to worry about fixing and cleaning the entire area as it is already suitable for your needs.

So, when you look for private office space, make sure to look for great reviews about the provider regarding space’s cleanliness.

Consider the Other Tenants 

Consider asking the private office space provider about the other tenants in the building. It will help if you ask about this before signing a lease contract so that you can avoid possible conflicts between you and the tenants. For example, you can ask the provider why the space is empty and whether it has anything to do with the other tenants. That way, you can make a wise decision as to whether or not you still want to take the office space.

If you decide on taking the office space, remember that having a great relationship with the other tenants can also help your business. They can recommend you, or they can badmouth you. Choose which way you want to go.

Searching online will also be helpful because you will get an overview of the place where you will be setting-up your business. It will not hurt if you do your research first before contacting a provider. You may already have a feel of the office space when looking at it through their websites. From there, decide if you want to establish your business in that space.

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