The Best Way to Find a Piling Expert

If you are thinking about building a new property or you’d like to fix an existing structure, having access to a reputable piling company is vital for the success of your project. If you’ve a building that has been erected on poor ground, it is important to have it stabilised with piling foundations. They secure the structure and provide it with additional support.

Why is Piling Important?

Not all construction projects require piling foundations, if you are thinking about building a property on a particular plot of land, you can have it surveyed to assess the area. If the land is deemed unsuitable for construction, you may dismiss the build and look for options elsewhere. But this doesn’t have to be the case, commercial piling contractors make building on tricky plots of land attainable.

If your site supervisor has noticed that certain areas of the development need additional foundational support, a piling expert can be called in to help deal with parts of the project which suffer from poor surface quality.

Many property developers eliminate the idea of building on certain areas because of the condition of the soil. Piling is an excellent way of making difficult land valuable again, skilled contractors can set piles deep into the surface and secure structures on uneven, complex grounds.

Finding an Expert

Piling is a specialised trade that must be done by experienced, knowledgeable contractors. Although your chance of getting ripped off by a rogue foundation contractor is rare, the possibility still exists. Social media has helped to stop the problem of dodgy builders by helping people name and shame these companies when they feel they’ve been ripped off.

However, you should still be careful when looking to hire a foundation expert. It is important to do some background research on the subject, the more you know about piling the better equipped you are when hiring a skilled contractor. If you have some basic knowledge of the subject, you can ask relevant question about their services and rates. Most professional piling contractors will offer expert services such as:

  • Piling and underpinning
  • Pile testing
  • Screw piling
  • Mini piling
  • Reinforced ground beams and slabs

Immediate Start

If you are anxious to get a new project underway, you should be looking to hire a piling contractor who can start work immediately. But this may be difficult if you wish to source a high-quality company. Like in any industry, the best businesses are in high demand, which makes hiring them at an instant quite difficult.

When speaking to a contractor, ask about timeframes. When can they start the project? A professional company should be able to begin work within 2 to 3 weeks, so you aren’t waiting that long to avail of their services.

When hiring a piling expert, it is imperative that you assess numerous companies before settling on one contractor. Discuss the needs of your project with several foundation experts and see what they have to offer, a professional company will be able to devise an effective plan to help make your project a success.

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