Serviced Office Space Can Be a Lifesaver to a Startup Business

If you own a business and you’re thinking of relocating, or you have a startup business and you need office space, it is good to know there are options, besides purchasing an expensive office building and all of the amenities that go with it. Nowadays many business owners are choosing to lease serviced office space, which means you get the office and the amenities for one low price. You don’t have to pay separately for postal service or a good receptionist, because all of this comes with the rent that you pay. Best of all, these are low commitment office spaces, because most of them charge you a flat per-week rate that includes the receptionist and much more, and you don’t have to sign a long-term contract.

Making it Convenient for the Tenant

When you’re a tenant in one of these buildings, you get a lot of amenities that would likely be too expensive for you if you purchased them yourself. This includes a gym, security cameras, spacious meeting rooms, printers and scanners, and of course, a high-class office that is perfect when you’re meeting with clients. The offices are clean, have high-quality furniture, and are conveniently located so that your clients won’t have to drive all over town to get to you. If you visit websites such as, you can view full-colour photographs of many of the suites, and if you’re curious about the price, you can contact them and they’ll work with you on a quote. Many of these offices start as low as £100 per week, which is reasonable for nearly any business.

Don’t Pay a Lot for the Extras

You should never have to pay a lot for the perks of being in a nice building, and serviced office buildings offer you great perks that are always included with your rent. Clients will enjoy both the luxurious office you’re in and the beautiful view outside, not to mention the convenience of meeting in a space that is located in a great part of the city. Best of all, the receptionist always answers your phone in your business name, so no one will ever know they aren’t contacting you directly. This is just part of the professionalism that these office buildings provide to you. The buildings are well maintained, always clean, and have staff who are ready to help you in any way that they can, and all of this and more is included in their low rent price.

When you’re just getting started, every bit of money counts, but you don’t have to sacrifice anything if you find the right serviced office building. These office suites are great for both you and your clients, because they offer the high-class surroundings that every business person needs and deserves. Regardless of the type or size of your business, you owe it to yourself to present the right image to your clients and customers, and all of this starts with the right office building. It is good to know you can get the right office without spending a lot of money, and all it takes to get started is a trip to the Internet.

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