Reviewing Wireline Services: Purpose, Applications And More!

Ever wondered what goes in maintenance and work in a wellbore in the oil & gas industry? This is an industry that depends on gas and oil wells for production, and everything must be tested time and again. That’s where a wireline service comes in the picture. Wireline services rely on options like RigLock, special tools, and highly-engineered equipment for various tasks, such as well intervention, evaluation of reservoirs and pipe recovery. Here are some more aspects worth knowing.

Why are wireline services required?

Wireline services are required for ensuring that the wells are ready for various processes. Such services are called for evaluating rock properties, to gather information on pressure and heat, to lower or bring tools and equipment in and out of the well, to find location of casting collars, or to collect samples. The role or wireline services is important because they often handle the primary tasks related to a well. Their work must be all about precision and safety, because temperature and pressures inside the wellbore can be extremely high.

Are wirelines same as slicklines?

Not. Slicklines are basically single-strand cables that are non-electric and are used or lowering equipment and tools inside the well. Slicklines can be used for adjusting sleeves and valves downhole or for repairing tubing. As mentioned, these are nonelectric, so the slicklines are lowered insider the well using hydraulic system. Wirelines, on the other hand, are electric cables that can be single-strand or multi-strand as required. Wirelines can be used for evaluation and intervention as required. Wirelines are more critical in nature and are required for gathering data about the well as well as for logging activities. The tools that are used for wireline services are called wireline tools, and some of these are extremely expensive.

Final word

Wireline services are important to the oil and gas industry because these companies help clients in keeping the costs on a lower side. They also help in understanding the basin, well in detail and are capable of handling all kinds of requirements for gather information. Wireline services need to have a core team in place and must adhere to all safety practices to ensure that the work is done as per compliance needs. You can check online to find more on wireline services that operate in your region. To select a company, their expertise, clientele and capabilities must be considered, besides the range of services they provide.

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