Traveling in the Times of Covid

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm; it is the first pandemic that has spread worldwide. There were other pandemics in the past, but they weren’t able to contaminate people globally as the disease or virus remained confined to the very place they originated from.

But covid-19 is something else, it is much more contagious, and people can get affected with it rather speedily. Many different world governments have proposed immediate lockdown, and travel from one place to another is also not allowed. But there are places where the restrictions are not that subtle, and you can travel there.

Traveling shouldn’t be on your checklist, to be honest, but if you must then analyze the importance of this trip, is it critical? Would it be all right if you didn’t travel per se? The most likely chance is that you can get affected by the virus and remain isolated to get better and battling these diseases.

But specific trips just can’t be avoided, and you have to make them no matter what. If such a trip presents itself, how can you prepare yourself to stay safe from the Covid-19’s reach and stay safe? Following are some tips and facts that will help you to get through this;

Checking the place you are flying to

The first thing you need to do is check the strength of the cases for the place you are traveling to—going back as far as seven days would be enough to provide you with a subtle idea of the Pandemic situation in that part of the world. You can seek help from the CDC official website and check the numbers there; if the condition is escalating in that specific country, then it is well-advised that you postpone your trip for good.

Temperature screening kiosk

Most of the airports worldwide have actively been working with the temperature screening kiosk; these monitor your vitals and take body temperature to ensure that you are not running a high fever. Fever itself is a symptom of being Covid positive.

Make sure that you already know if the place you are traveling to would have included a check by one of the temperature screening kiosks, just to be sure. Only in case you should take hand sanitizer with you and wear a mask everywhere you go. Remember that there is no need to push and pull when it comes to getting checked from one of the automated temperature screening kiosks; it is for your good.

Are you at risk yourself?

Are your body vitals all well before you plan on leaving? Are you feeling nauseous, have a high fever or severe cough with phlegm in it? If so, then you need to get yourself checked first. Unfortunately, it might be the case that you are Covid positive yourself and need to be kept in isolation to contain the spread.

Get yourself adequately checked before leaving and follow the guidelines recommended by the very place that you are traveling to. Most countries request that you bring a new clinical report of yourself verifying that you are Covid negative to be issued a visa.

Check your medical insurance.

It is as good a time as any to have active medical insurance covering broad aspects of health and diseases that you might contaminate through your trip, and Covid might be one of them. Check-in with your medical insurance company and make sure that it covers the costs for Covid-19 as well.

You don’t want to be stranded in some other country and without medical insurance that covers Covid 19 in general. Because if you do, you will not be able to procure all the care and treatment you need to recover from Covid. It is just something that you need to have on your checklist if this worst-case scenario presents itself.

Be ready for a quarantine.

When traveling to a specific country, it is recommendable that you are in the know about all the rules and regulations that the government has imposed. Many states have almost the same standard: the subjection of people arriving in their country for post-arrival quarantine, which is likely to last about fourteen days. If you are likely to be subjected to quarantine, it is advisable to take enough supplies.


Covid 19 has indeed made traveling worse, but it is not entirely impossible if you stick with the country’s rules and regulations where you want to travel in the first place. Moreover, if you plan to travel during this pandemic, you need to remember everything mentioned earlier. This information will undoubtedly help you with this.

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