Modern Cigarette Box Designs – Answer to Changing Market Demands

The modern cigarette industry is seeing a lot of regulations and changes as government across the globe are trying to impose more and more regulations every day. The cigarette boxes have also seen huge changes in this phase of transformation. Here are a few things that you should do to ensure your cigarette boxes are designed to attract customers while complying with the latest government regulations.

Bio-Degradable Outer Shell

The outer shell which earlier with a poly sheet is now replaced by thin biodegradable transparent sheets to ensure 100% compliance of bio-degradable packaging. Bio-Degradable packaging also leaves a positive impact on the customers and places your brand as an eco-friendly manufacturer.

Thin Paperboard Box

The box is essentially bio-degradable paperboard with thin material and a sleek design to save storage and transportation space. The boxes are made of recycled or recyclable materials to ensure the packaging is environment friendly. The thin paperboard by Refine Packaging has become stronger with modern processing and offer more strength while being thinner offering a very compact design for the boxes.Inner Protective Sheet

Between the outer paperboard and cigarettes there is a thin protective film to protect the contents from moisture and other transportation issues. This thin film is essential to maintain the composition, flavor and great taste of the cigarettes.

Blank Outer Print

Blank outer shells are a norm if you plan to sell in most of the nations. To discourage buyers, most nations and states print obscene photographs of cancer victims. It is a norm to have that blank space on the boxes to make sure these designs can be printed on the box. You have to make your brand’s design minimalistic to make sure there is enough room to comply with these modern-day regulations.

Eco-Friendly Printing Ink

The printing on the outer shell can be done using eco-friendly inks to make sure the box is 100% eco-friendly complying with the policies of most states. Eco-friendly packaging is necessary to make sure your brand complies with 100% eco-friendly packaging standards being widely adopted in most parts of the world.Cigarette industry is growing at a fast pace irrespective of the government regulations and restrictions. The growing demand is complemented by a growing number of young brands which offer a different flavor and taste beating conventional cigarette brands. This leads to competition and you need to be ready with a great product along with great packaging to complement it.

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