Why to Buy Health Insurance

A quick visit to a hospital and you will realise that over the last few years, lifestyle diseases are becoming more and more prevalent. While we all are part of it, we just do not realise the damages that we are doing to our bodies. Couple this with the fact that we are witnessing double digit inflation growth when it comes to hospitals and medicines, the glaring reality is visible. Can we ever be prepared enough to handle a medical situation? Well, the simple answer is no. Not unless a person opts for a health insurance plan.

A lot of us shy away from health insurance plans because it comes at a cost. But something that a majority of us fail to comprehend is the safety net that it provides. The amount that you spend as premium will help you buy immunity in the unfortunate event of a medical condition in the future. And given the ever increasing costs, a safety net is a much needed aid that a person needs.

Picture this; you are the sole bread earner of a family of 4. The thought of paying a yearly premium keeps you away from buying a policy. Should you or any of your family members meet with a medical condition, it will be only sometime before it wipes a healthy chunk of your savings. Now, you are left with a depleted saving and still no assurance against illness for any other family member.

When you buy a health insurance policy, you and your family members can continue with your lives without having to worry about medical expenses. A health insurance will safeguard your savings and ensure that you focus on getting the best possible treatment for your family. And not spend a large chunk of your time figuring out how to manage money.

The probability of health hazards goes up drastically with age. If you have old parents, buying a health insurance policy is the safest and smartest way of handling the situation. The second school of thought is that most employers these days provide with health insurance for their employees. Why should a person buy additional cover?

Well, in simple words, the health insurance coverage by employers is just not enough. A medium severity health issue will take a few days of hospitalisation to deplete the entire coverage. Buying additional cover ensures that you can provide the best possible care without having to pay from your pockets.

Where to Buy Health Insurance

Primarily, there are two ways by which one can buy a health insurance policy. First, the offline mode or the mode that all of us are so familiar with where one just needs to walk into a local office of an insurer or call their insurance agent and buy a health plan. The second option, also the fast becoming popular option, is to buy a policy online.

Most of the insurers these days have made it a point to be present on the digital platforms. This makes the life of prospect buyers much easier. All that you need to do is visit the website of an insurer and provide some minor details. If the plan is for only one individual, you will most probably end up providing contact details and age.

If you are looking for a health insurance for your family, you will need to provide details such as the number of people, both adults and children along with contact information. The insurer will then send you quotes for the policy along with other details. If you are happy with the same, you can continue buying the policy.

When to Buy Health Insurance

There isn’t any auspicious time defined for buying a health insurance plan. You need not consult with your astrologer for the same as well. If you do not already have a health plan, it is the right time to secure the health of your family. For employees who already have an employer sponsored health plan, it is time to assess the coverage and opt for an additional plan.

Since a health plan is an insurance product at its code, certain guidelines remain the same. The most important of them all being, the earlier you start, the better it is. The simple rationale is that when you are young, you are less prone to medical conditions. This provides insurers with a lot of confidence and as a result, you end up paying a lot less as your policy premiums. Thus, to buy a health insurance plan, the earlier you do, the better it is.

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