Metal Fabrication vs Welding: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that the most common industry for a sheet metalworker to be employed in is construction?

So much of the world around us is designed and created by professionals that have the ability to work with metal. Creating structures like buildings and automobiles, metalworkers are a huge part of our world’s infrastructure.

Within the world of metalworking, there are a lot of different responsibilities and roles. Are you trying to understand the distinctions between a welder or a metal fabricator? Their functions may seem extremely similar, but they are not, in fact, the same thing.

Read more below and metal fabrication, welding, and how they differ from each other.

What Are the Main Differences Between Metal Fabrication vs Welding?

The biggest difference between these two terms lies in their definitions.

Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structures by bending, cutting, or combining processes. It is often used to create parts or machinery. Welding, on the other hand, is a specific type of fabrication process that joins metal (or other materials) together with high heat.

So, as you can see, welding actually falls under the metal fabrication umbrella as one of the many processes to create metal structures. Many companies, like Accurweld Company, are able to do both.

The tools that you use for welding vs metal fabrication are not always the same because it all depends on the process being employed. Fabricators may use laser cutters, plasma torches, or construction saws while welders may use welding clamps, different types of torches, or consumable plates.

Welding also requires the use of specific types of safety gear, like helmets and special aprons.

What Skill Sets Are Needed for Each Type of Trade?

Metal fabrication generally is done in a similar way, regardless of the task at hand. The fabricator will place their metal on the instrument and handle the tool they are using to accomplish whatever process they are doing.

Welding has a different strategy because a lot of the necessary components of welding involve doing it all by hand. Welding is a very specialized process within the metal fabrication space, so just because someone is a fabricator doesn’t mean they can be a welder. In order to be accomplished as a welder, a lot of practice and training is necessary.

While fabrication is much broader and requires more variety in skill, welding requires more precision in that specific trade.

Work With Welding and Metal Working Experts for More

Now that you know that welding is a type of process that you find within metal fabrication, it may be easier to see the differences. Welding is a type of metal fabrication, but metal fabrication isn’t just welding. It incorporates a lot of other processes that are used to create a final product.

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