Making 2021 the Year You Quit Your Job

I think all of us have envisioned quitting our jobs one day. The idea of setting your hours and being your boss is tempting. How about turning that dream into a reality? Let us make 2021 the year you quit your job and start the business you have always dreamt you would. Now being known as “The Great Resignation,” millions of Americans are doing just that. It is your turn. Now or never! Although it can be scary, there are so many great resources and websites that can ease your anxiety and help you on the journey to self-employment. We will talk a bit below about why this should be the year you finally quit your job. We will also discuss how to use online resources, including a site called Biz OP, when looking for tools to help you on your journey.

The Great What?

In April 2021, 4 million Americans quit their jobs. That number broke records. A quarter of all Americans plan to leave their current employer when the pandemic eases, and the majority of the population begins to settle back into a more normal routine and life. So what prompted this exodus of employees from the workforce? How can you use this movement to your advantage?

For many, the pandemic gave people some very distinct realizations and questions. Two of those most common was:

  1. Life is too short. – The pandemic forced many to realize that they could not take their time here for granted. They wanted to make it count.
  2. Does what I am doing for a living give me joy? – Many people realized that they were unhappy in their current career after being away from their current jobs for over a year or working from home. They enjoyed the freedom of not having a commute and an office to go to every day. They were ready for a change.

Sometimes it takes monumental disruptors in our daily lives to wake us up to the fact that the time to make that change is now. If you have always dreamt of starting your business, make 2021 the year. Join “The Great Resignation” and live the life you have always imagined. Not sure how to start? Keep reading.

Turning Dream to Reality

Although the thought of starting a new business and its risks can be scary, there are multiple resources available online to help walk you through each step and give you advice when you have questions or stumble a bit. Biz OP is a great resource that provides easy-to-read and follows articles on everything from starting a food truck to an in-depth guide to starting a small business. They write in a text that is easy to understand, entertaining and informative. If you are ready to take the leap and join the world of entrepreneurs, do your research, take lots of notes and check out sites that can educate you on the process and provide you with a supportive net of similar people to talk to as you begin your business. Maybe we will be welcoming you to the club of the millions of Americans who said “so long!” to their corporate jobs!

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