Procedural assistance for underage children “lawyer of the child”: What is to know more about it?

In a case involving matters of major importance to the child’s further life, the court has to appoint a procedural advisor for a minor if this is necessary to safeguard the interests of the child. The procedural officer also known as the child’s advocate must ensure in family matters that the child’s genuine will is brought into the trial.

Typical cases are the regulation of parental care and procedures in which the handling of a parent or a third party such as a grandparent with the child is to be regulated. In addition, procedural assistants shall be appointed in proceedings in which the court decides to authorize the enclosed placement of a minor child. If the child is adequately represented by a child support lawyer Toronto or another representative, a procedural assistance is not necessary. Procedural assistants serve only as assistance and do not have legal powers to legally represent the child. However, they can appeal in the interest of the child.


In a judicial proceeding, there is a considerable difference between the interest of the child and that of the legal representatives such as parents, a parent, guardian so that they are no longer capable of representing the interests of the child in the proceedings and the interests of the child are therefore excluded threatening to sink. The well-being of a child in the family is endangered and the family court has to decide whether the parents should be deprived of custody or even of the entire care of the people. If the child is to be separated from the parent or the person in whose care the child is. The release or the retention of the child by or by a caregiver or other guardian is the subject of the proceedings. Child psychologists, social pedagogues or lawyers can take the appeal to whom the child has special confidence and come into consideration.

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