Best Places for Lifting Beam Hire

Lifting beams are fantastic as a way of lifting heavy and awkward loads in situations and locations where there is not a lot of headroom to work with. A lifting beam is a very simple piece of equipment that is made up of a beam that has a single attachment point that is located on the top of the beam. This can be connected to a hoist, a crane, or any other type of relevant lifting equipment. Usually, you’ll see that there are two or more lifting lugs, that are evenly spaced, on the underside of the beam. This is used to attach to the load and support it through a sling or a hook attachment.

The fact that a lifting beam can be used in spaces where there is little headroom available is the biggest advantage of using a lifting beam in your place of work or on a current project you are working on. Due to the fact that there is a single ball attachment at the top of the crane to attach it to. When compared with a spreader beam this makes a big difference.

Another benefit is that lifting beams have multiple lifting points underneath. These can be designed and installed on the lifting beam in a way that allows for various lifting lugs (both fixed lifting lugs and variable lifting lugs). With this flexibility and the chance to adjust the lifting beam you can use it in many different application types and for many different types of loads too.

An adjustable design on a lifting beam can be used to perfectly handle loads that are naturally out of balance, to control inward crushing forces and to help with the effective securing of special loads through the use of special attachments for that specific task

Another benefit to a lifting beam is that is designed in a way that makes it heavy-duty and extremely rigid. This is perfect in situations where a load might be too weak or too flexible and required extra support when it is being lifted. This is the case for example with sheets of metal that are long or really thin in nature, or steel plates. Without that rigidity and extra support these types of loads and materials would be too difficult to lift effectively and securely.

Finding lifting beams for your project is therefore vital, and it is important that you find the best place for lifting beam hire. Look for a lifting equipment hire service with a proud reputation and record of success within your industry and location. It is important to have expert advice and guidance on your side throughout a project, delivering lifting equipment such as lifting beams that are perfectly suited to your location, task, and budget, is fully maintained and safe to use, and is delivered on time and at the exact right phase of the project. With the correct lifting beam hire you can ensure that loads are lifted securely and effectively at all times.

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