All You Need To Know About The Vacuum Pump System

The vacuum pump is a unique kind of equipment that is used to create a vacuum in a closed container. It is used to reduce the liquid pressure that is comparative to limited pressure that is attained through a vacuum system that is used to take away the extra air and its other elements. The vacuum pump system helps to eliminate the extra air and create a vacuum inside the container.

What are the different types of vacuum pumps?

  • Positive displacement
  • Momentum transfer
  • Regenerative
  • Entrapment pump

Positive displacement pump

They work with a particular mechanism that allows the continuous expansion of a cavity that permits the gases to flow from an external chamber.

Momentum transfer

They are also known as molecular pumps, and they work with high-speed fluids that help the gas particles to move off the chamber before they are opened.

Regenerative pumps

They use the hybrid theory of centrifugal and turbopump. It is also referred to as a side-channel pump.

Entrapment pump

This kind of pump uses cold temperature to compress gases to a hard state. They trap gas molecules on the surfaces and within the vacuum system. They are very effective because they are placed inside the container that has to be vacuumed.

The above is a brief description of different kinds of the vacuum pump system. This way, you will know the difference between each pump and can buy according to your companies needs.

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