5 Boat Maintenance Tips to Get Ready for a Fishing Trip

People bought over 310,000 boats in 2020 throughout the U.S. According to the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association), many of these purchases were of people that had never owned a boat. Are you one of the many that aren’t sure how to maintain a fishing boat?

If you are, don’t worry, since today we will give you some boat maintenance tips. Once you’re finished reading this post, you’ll know how to get a boat ready for fishing.

  1. Update Your Electronics

The first thing you should include when thinking about what to bring on a fishing trip is electronic fishing charts. A fishing chart will help you find fish and help you avoid getting lost. So before heading off, be sure that you’ve updated the software of your map chart.

  1. Inspect the Battery

Perhaps the most important boat hardware is the battery. Without it, you may not be able to start your boat or even set a trolling speed, and nothing is worse than getting stuck out at sea with a dead battery. So be sure to check if the battery is working properly before setting out to sea.

During the winter, you’ll also want to perform fishing boat maintenance. Ensure to include checking if the battery is still in good condition, and if not, be sure to get a new one promptly.

  1. Make Sure Your Safety Equipment Is Up-to-Date

People could avoid most boating injuries if they made sure their safety equipment is up-to-date. These are the things you should make sure to have on your boat:

  • Flotation vests for all guests
  • Automatic inflatable vests for you
  • Throwable flotation device
  • Whistle or horn in case your phone dies

You should check that all PFDs (personal flotation devices) are working and have no tears in them. Additionally, you should have a spare satellite phone charged and ready to use.

  1. Prepare Your Toolbox

Even if you make sure that everything is in tip-top shape, a mechanical part of the boat can malfunction at a moment’s notice. That’s why having a toolbox that has boat maintenance parts is essential. So what are some of the things you should include?

  • Digital multimeter
  • Motor flusher
  • Pliers
  • Wrench

Of course, these items will help you temporarily fix any problem. However, once you get back to the dock, make sure to have a mechanic check the problem.

  1. Take It to a Mechanic

Even though you can perform most boat maintenance, you’ll still want a professional to check your boat. A mechanic will be able to check the engine and make sure that it’s working. Additionally, they can change the oil and charge the battery.

Make Sure to Do a Boat Maintenance Before Your Fishing Trip

Proper boat maintenance can ensure that you have an enjoyable fishing trip. Failing to maintain your boat can lead to headaches and even spending thousands of dollars on repairs. Be sure to keep this post bookmarked so that you can refer to it the next time you plan a fishing trip.

Did you find this post helpful? If so, be sure to check out our other boat-related posts on our blog. Without a doubt, you’ll find another article that’ll pique your interest!

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