Why Choose Corrugated Boxes Over Plastic?

Enter custom cardboard boxes with printing options for your advertising needs. With numerous options to personalize your custom cardboard packaging to your targeted audience and promote your company, you will never go for another generic box or different materials again.

One-of-a-kind printing and superior quality packaging is what you get with custom-made boxes. Whether it’s printing on thick premium cardstock or high-end PVC plastic, you will get exceptional quality for all of your marketing needs. Make sure to select an online supplier that provides excellent product and service support. You’ll need to work with them to customize your materials and determine the best design and printing option for your needs. There are a number of options available to you when selecting your custom-box packaging.

In addition to standard matte and glossy stock designs, there are UV light laminated corrugated boxes that have UV protective coatings. These laminated boxes offer even more protection against fading in the sun and other outdoor elements. Corrugated boxes are also available in custom designs in a wide variety of materials from corrugated fiberboards to heavy-duty polyethylene. You can easily match your branding, logo and color preferences with ease.

You will also find boxes that are made from high-density foam core, polystyrene or PVC foam. Depending on your specific requirements, you can get single, double or tri-fold custom cardboard boxes wholesale for your marketing or customer applications. For added convenience, many companies also offer free shipping for heavy orders.

Many companies also use customized corrugated and cardboard boxes for promotional or sample purposes. This makes perfect sense because you can always use these boxes again to pack new items or replace any damaged products. Your customers will be impressed with your choice of packaging options and may make a note to buy from you sometime in the future. In addition to offering custom cardboard boxes, many companies also use custom paper for wrapping products. If you sell retail, you can easily set up a display and use different shades of paper for different items. You may want to consider special order paper, too, if you have a particular design or company logo.

When you think about corrugated boxes or custom cardboard boxes wholesale, you always have a great selection to choose from. You should consider your overall branding and marketing needs before making a purchase. It’s a good idea to speak with people who work in the company you are considering to ensure that you are getting true value for your money. Speak to the manufacturer to find out about their standard of quality. Talk to the people at the company to find out what they think about the overall service they receive. Only then should you make your final decision.

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