Wear the Right Professional Attire for Your Business Head Shot Portraits

Clothes play a very important role when it comes to corporate portrait head shots. Bear in mind you are representing your company and a shabby headshot can create a bad impression from the customer point of view.

Dress Smartly

If this is your first portrait shot, then you need to look your best. If it is for a formal shoot, then prefer suits or dresses that you would wear for a corporate meeting. Avoid wearing shirts that have logos or slogans, as these may take the focus from your head shots.

Avoid wearing stripes or patterns. Men can wear long shirts with a blazer and tie. Women on the other hand can wear light pastel colors with a simple neckline. Wear light jewelry that complements your business suit. If the headshot is for formal events, then you can go in for casual T-shirts with sports jacket.

Ensure that you hire professionals for your portrait headshots. A simple search for studios specializing in business portraits near me will give you a list of credible ones. Ensure that you call them up and discuss on your requirements.

Some tips on how to make your business portraits a success include:

  • Be yourself
  • Wear ironed clothes for the photo shoot
  • Avoid wearing short sleeves
  • Go for dark shades such as navy blue or maroon suits
  • Ensure that you care spare clothing

Tips to Look Your Best for Portraits

Many of us hate taking our photos as these do not come out as we expected. Expert professionals share some tips that can make you look great in your corporate portraits:

  • Artificial lights in studios can make your face shiny or glossy
  • Ensure that you wash your face or use baby wipes
  • Women can use minimal makeup such as concealers or foundation to even out the skin tone
  • Always carry a hair brush
  • Ensure that you wash your hair before arriving at the photo shoot
  • If you wear glasses, ensure that you keep them on during the photo shoot
  • Opt for your best profile angle when it comes to your photo shoot
  • Smile for your photo. No one like a grumpy person
  • Check yourself in the mirror once before going for the photo shoot
  • If you are tall, spread your legs apart, so that you are perfectly in line with the camera lens.


Be completely relaxed when you face the camera. Take a deep breath and laugh to put your mind at ease.

Personal branding has been essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed impression or image in the mind of others about an individual. An essential aspect in supporting personal branding would be good business headshots. Most people would consider asking someone taking it at their office or spending a huge amount hiring a professional photographer for it.

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