Reviewing the Top Features of Strategy Planning Tools

Organizations often fail at planning and execution of strategy, and that’s primarily because they don’t use a singular, comprehensive platform for management of strategy. Managers often believe that containing strategy in a binder is necessary, but in practice, people need to feel involved. They need to know their roles, resources allocated for them to get the job done, and the fact that their say matters. Managers can ensure that and much more by using a strategy planning tool. In this post, we are reviewing important strategy planning tool features.

  • Comprehensive platform. The foremost feature of strategy planning software is a comprehensive dashboard. Managers and employees will get access to real-time digest reports, notes and more, which not only makes things transparent but also encourages motivation. When it comes to collaboration and enhancing transparency at all levels, a strategy planning tool is a great advantage for enterprises of all sizes. That’s the best way to drive change at all levels.
  • App integration. Another big feature of the best tools is integration of top apps that teams often use for collaboration and working together. From Dropbox and One Drive, to Slack, Google Docs, Box, the software can integrate with apps that are more frequently used, although this can differ from one product to another. The idea of such features is to enhance connectivity between everything.

  • Simplify designations. How the plan is executed depends largely on designations of jobs and roles, and an advanced strategy planning tool, managers can have better control on all relevant aspects. They can also set milestones, get a clear summary of projects, and take corrective action as required. The dashboard of a strategy planning tool is something your company needs to check, because the whole idea is to ease the work of managers and make strategy execution a smooth process.
  • Cloud-based interface. The best tools for strategy planning rely on the cloud, so a user doesn’t have to go back to the desk every single time to access some information or add an update. Many apps and software now even have mobile interface, so data and resources can be accessed on the go.

As far as costing is considered, vendors usually like to bill clients every month, and greater number of users means more spending. However, it depends on other factors too, such as the features on offer. Review the best planning tools now and take a call based on what your company needs for planning and execution of  strategy.

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