Top 5 Tips for Hiring Equipment

Hiring equipment and machinery for a construction site or other industry project where there is a need for heavy machinery and other types of equipment, is an important task. Whether you own a company or are the person responsible for hiring equipment and managing a project, you’ll be tasked with putting together a list of required equipment and dealing with a plant hire company that can supply and deliver exactly what you need and when. This process is of vital importance to ensure that you are running on or under budget, and that there are as few delays in work as possible. All of this must also be completed with health and safety in mind.

Here, we have put together some helpful tips to help you when hiring equipment of any kind, but especially in industries such as construction when you are dealing with plant hire companies and on-going plant hire services.

Improve Safety Standards

The first thing you should always consider when hiring equipment of any kind is the safety aspect. A good plant hire company will have safety first as a principle running through its service to you. What does this mean practically? It means that all of the available fleet is put through rigorous testing after every use, that it is fully safe to use, and that any niggles or equipment breakdowns have been fully dealt with prior to you hiring plant.

Always Use the Latest Models

Your plant hire service should also have a fleet that is continuously appraised, evaluated, and upgraded whenever possible. That way you have your choice of fleet, with the most modern models available that help you to drive performance levels, as well as optimise health and safety standards. This level of detail and appreciation of improving the fleet available will translate to the end product within your company.

Ensure Credible Fit for Purpose Machinery 

Always sit down prior to taking delivery of any plant and ensure that your contact at a plant hire company talks you through every aspect of the delivery. This should include ensuring that all of the equipment that you hire is fit for purpose, includes the correct attachments if it is a machine or piece of equipment where attachments are possible. Your point of contact should also make sure that the age and condition of the equipment is up to scratch. 

Plan to the Finest Detail

By sitting down with a trusted plant hire specialist you can ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible. Only work with a plant hire company that is willing to work in this way. It allows you to gain insight and advice from the experts, helping you to choose the correct equipment for your needs, as well as put together a plan of delivery that suits your specific needs.

Ensure Delivery Wherever You Are 

Delivery should be as straightforward as possible. If you are working in a difficult location or across multiple locations and challenging terrain it is important to know that you can trust delivery will be prompt and secure. With a good plant hire service you should be able to rely on delivery whenever you need it, with minimal disruption to your project.

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