Titanium Round Bar Manufacturers

Titanium Round Bar manufacturers produce different grades of it. There are different grades based on the composition of the material. There are pure titanium grades and there are the ones alloyed with other material. The pure material is costlier and has much corrosion resistance properties. These are used to produce jewelries and other accessories that bring aesthetic value and look. The other grade bars are used to produce accessories as well. These include nails, nuts, bolts and screws. There are some grades that are used to produce kitchen utensils. The titanium round bar could be in different sizes. They range from as low as ¼ inches to 16 inches and more depending on the application requirements. Sometimes these bars are used alongside other materials to provide extra strength to the structure. The applications include structural applications such as construction and architecture, power applications such as nuclear power plants, aerospace industries and chemical industries.

Sometimes specified grades such as the food grade are used in specific applications such as food processing plants. The most used is the grade 5 titanium rod due to the alloyed components and optimum balance of strength, corrosion resistance and price. Since it is the most used, it is readily available in the market. It is used in marine industries, water supply lines, sea water desalinization plants, heat exchangers and exhausts as well. Though it is the most used grade, the other grades are used in specific applications as well. The titanium gr2 round bar is commercially pure titanium and its price could vary with the market.

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