A Guide to Mystery Shopping in Belfast, Northern Ireland

If you wish to find more ways to make money, you can quickly become a mystery shopper. Even though most people have heard about this particular assignment and job, they do not know how to start with it.

You can find numerous platforms and resources online that will provide you the possibility to understand how to start. For instance, you should check out this site: so that you can learn how to do it in Northern Ireland.

You can also check out various forums so that you can see everything on the company that you wish to work with. Therefore, by reading specific posts that you can find online, will allow you to understand what the company offers and what are pay practices as well as requirements that you have to handle.

Have in mind that mystery shoppers are not paid for their history of work or experience. Every single job features a flat fee, which is the same, whether you are a beginner or an expert. In most cases, online mystery shops include charge between three and five dollars.

On the other hand, restaurant mystery shops can go between 20 and 100 dollars. Have in mind that online mystery shopping can take between five and ten minutes so that you can handle everything and complete survey afterward.

Restaurant mystery shops will take a few hours, based on the time you wish to spend in there, and you will need approximately half an hour to complete the survey when everything is over.

You can improve downtime when you gain experience on how to do it because expert mystery shoppers can plan everything together and to complete various assignments on a daily basis.

  1. Organize Your Time Before You Start

In case that you wish to take a job, you should include time spent for experiencing, traveling, and reporting afterward when everything finishes.

Therefore, you have to think about the time you will spend in traffic, as well as dining time, and other factors that may affect the overall experience.

You should take jobs that are presenting your perspective and taste, which means to use assignments to shops that meet your schedule, desires, and needs.

Of course, you would enjoy a free meal in the restaurant, but sometimes it is much better to review free oil change at a car shop. The main reasons for mystery shopping is market research and you should learn more about it by checking here for more information.

  1. Consider Whether Fee Is Worthwhile

Sometimes you will get reimbursement range fee, while on the other hand you will be paid in money. Everything depends on what you wish to achieve. There are differences whether you will receive reimbursement or a fee that will help you along the way.

Have in mind that most companies tend to pay through PayPal, within a few days, while for others, you may wait for a few months to get the money you agreed upon.

Since you will spend your own money for the purchase, you have to get a payment that will compensate your expenses and give you an extra so that you can earn more than you had before.

If you cannot afford to wait for the money to arrive, you should pick companies and jobs based on your preferences and requirements. Both professionals and novice shoppers state that flexibility is one of the most significant advantages of mystery shopping experience.

You can learn how to write appropriate reports that will help you earn more money than before, but have in mind that this particular job is not for everyone. You have to remember all the details around without taking notes and without letting anyone see that, you are doing analysis.

The simplest way to become a mystery shopper is by visiting this site:

In case that company does not accept your report, you will not be reimbursed or paid altogether. Therefore, doing a lousy job will cost you the money you paid for a particular product, which is something you should avoid.

That is the main reason why we advise everyone to start small, and when you complete the first job, you should start thinking big.

Everything depends on what you wish to achieve, so some people would rather enjoy free meals or drinks, but that means that you have to pay a significant price tag beforehand until you get the payment.

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