Sustainable Roof: Understand the Basics

Sustainable roof is a concept that has emerged and is gaining popularity recently. New construction plans and designs are boosting of sustainable roofs all across the country. But what exactly is a sustainable roof?

It is a kind of a roof that is designed, constructed, maintained, rehabilitated, and demolished in such a manner that it uses the natural resources efficiently and contributes towards environment preservation. So irrespective of the lifecycle stage of the roof, the focus always stays on optimizing the use of natural resources all the while preserving the natural environment.

Sustainable roofs are often referred to as white roofs, green roofs, and even blue roofs. These colours are attributed based on the material that is used and the way they contribute to the environment preservation.

Soprema Canada offers a wide range of roofing systems that fall into the category of sustainable roofs.

Energy Sustainable Roofs

These types of roofs not only save energy but they also help on producing clean energy. We provide roofs that have mounted solar tubes or solar panels to produce energy that can meet the lighting requirements of the building.

Cool Roofs

A lot of urban areas of our country are witnessing heat island effect due to excessive use of air conditioning systems. We provide cools roof solutions that reflect the excessive heat and keep the indoors cool so that the need for using air conditioning systems is reduced.

Water Preservation Roofs

Clean drinkable water is a major problem identified by a lot of countries. We provide roofing solutions that help in maximizing the use of storm water that often goes to waste. Our roofs capture the storm water and redirect it to the storage units so that it can be used for landscaping and other purposes as needed.

Waste Reduction Roofs

Many roofing systems produce a lot of fumes and waste material that leads to deterioration of our environment. Some roofs have materials that dissolve with water that gets seeped into the land. And some roofing materials become carcinogenic becoming a health scare for people. Instead, we offer roofing solutions that are not only eco-friendly but are also safe for humans. No harmful fumes, no carcinogenic emissions, and no noise pollution.

Reusable Roofs

Every time a building is demolished, there is a lot of material roofing waste that is produced. This adds to the landfill waste. We provide roofs that can be reused to decrease this landfill waste.

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