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Motorized Monitor Lift

A motorized monitor lift is a mechanism that gives you the option of making your monitor disappear from the top of your desk, giving you more space to work on your desk. This lift mechanism works with a driven system that is motorized, allowing the motor to slide your monitor on and off the desk at will. For this mechanism to work, there is usually a compartment within the desk that the monitor would easily slide into.

In office spaces today, there is so much work to do and usually so little space to do it. You would normally find desks cramped with papers, files, documents, personal effects, and a large computer just sitting right in the middle of all of it. A motorized monitor lift in this situation is something that would be important for organizational purposes. Rather than having a big lumpy computer sitting in the middle of your already cramped desk and taking up half of the available space, you could simply put the computer away when you are not using it and get to work sorting out the documents and files you have about manually.

The monitor lift is one that can actually be built or installed to fit into any kind of desk even a sit-stand desk and what is more is that they do not have to be used only in offices, they can also be used in classrooms as well. There are 2 major types of motorized monitor lifts that can be used with desks, and they are:

Motorized Monitor Lift for Sit-Stand Desk

This is actually one of the newer trends when it comes to motorized monitor lifts. The lifts made for these desks have the ability to hold up to a 30″ computer monitor; however, it is best to have a confirmation on that before you buy.

Desks with Motorized Monitor Lift

This mechanism is one that allows for your computer screen to slide all the way into the desk. It is best suitable for people who need to share their desk space with a computer and other work tasks. It is also perfectly suitable for use in the classroom of schools and colleges as it gives complete allowance to use either the complete desk space or the computer at will.

Typically, the desks that come with this mechanized lift usually have allowance made to accommodate computer cables and wiring. Some desks which allow for the full receding of the monitors may even have compartments to hide all forms of wiring and cables. Some of them even come with power outlets for easy use of computers.

These desks can be made of different varieties of materials ranging from wood to even tempered glass. While there are readymade desks that also come with this mechanism, there is also the option of having it built or installed into your already existing desk.

Having a motorized monitor lift attached to your desk may just be what you need to improve your work efficiency by reducing distractions that are bound to occur when you have your computer on and open in front of you, not to mention, all of the space that it gives you to carry out more tasks when you are not using your computer. It also helps with securing the privacy of your computer. In a situation where you do not want people trying to get into your computer, having a desk with a motorized monitor lift that can completely hide your computer may just be what you need.

Apart from offices and schools, another area where this mechanism can come in handy is in your home office, especially if you have children who have the tendency to run around your office. This would also help to keep your computer protected from any form of damages.

Having this mechanism can also help with your posture as the lift can adjust your computer monitor to whatever height is suitable for you thereby helping to prevent neck, shoulder and back pains that are most likely to occur from sitting for too long. Apart from all of these benefits that can be gotten from having this mechanism, it is also very impressive and is guaranteed to leave people talking about your fancy desk that hides your computer.

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