How does cryptocurrency mining work?

Cryptocurrency mining is a process to validate transactions of other people with a computer. It then adds the transactions to the list of transactions called blockchain. In exchange, people receive cryptocurrency. Any person having a computer with an internet connection can be a miner. However, mining doesn’t always turn out to be profitable. Depending on the factors such as the speed of your computer, cost of electricity, and the cryptocurrency you are mining, you may spend more on it compared to what to earn.  Crypto mining began in 2009, where CPU of a standard computer was used to hash; but, with a new market, things moved quickly in this sector.

Mining industry witnessed a shift from a standard CPU to GPU or graphics processing units that could hash and work out the puzzles at a quick rate. As miners gain knowledge that hash rates could earn revenue, single GPUs got a shift to multiple GPUs. Once bitcoin was the most profitable coin to mine, but, these days you require expensive equipment to get this coin. If you want to begin mining without using your bank, you may look at the altcoins. Some of the bitcoins can be highly profitable because they are generally mined either with the help of a GPU or CPU.

Coins to mine with GPU

When you have graphics cards, you can mine some of the coins. Monero is an advanced digital currency, but, you cannot track the receivers and senders of this coin’s transactions. It performs various services such as you can use it for conducting monetary transactions online, and it includes buying goods and services. You can also use it for trading other digital currencies. Ethereum can be mined via CPU or GPU. It is a decentralized computing platform and has the functionality of smart contracts. This currency is meant for paying particular actions on an ethereum network. The users use its computing power for validating transactions and to contribute to its development.

Dogecoin or DOGE is a digital cryptocurrency that was designed as a fun currency. It was developed by Billy Markus; however, he did not have an idea that this currency will get a permanent status. It soon rose in its value and attracted several users and internet communities. DOGE is a peer-to-peer, digital currency allowing the investors to send money online minus any hassles. Similar to bitcoins, it utilizes a mining system to maintain a blockchain. Mining this coin makes no sense on a laptop as a machine does not have the power 24×7 and its CPU/GPU power is much lower compared to a personal computer.

Cryptocurrencies for beginners

The cryptocurrency world is growing at a rapid pace. This market is growing continuously with huge volumes. While some are looking for the most profitable coin to mine, others are searching for the best computer for mining cryptocurrency. You can have plenty of doubts if you are a beginner. You can begin your mining career with one of the popular coins such as bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. You can also try out the coins including Zcash, Zencash, Safecoin, and many more.

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