Five Kinds of Online Images Available for Use on Websites

Images on a site do more than paint a beautiful picture. They can consist of photos, cartoons, infographics, and GIFs. Are you looking for photos to use on your site? If so, you must know that you cannot just download use any photo you can find on the web. Every photo has its own usage rules and using some photos without proper authorisation can lead to fines or lawsuits. A reliable website designing company in singapore knows exactly which photo to use for your site. When looking to use photos available online, it makes sense to know the different types of photo:

Photos Protected by Rights

These photos can be bought under a copyright licence. They can be for one-time use or used for a limited period. You can find these photos on stock image websites.

Common Free Licence Photos

Although these photos are protected by copyright, they are free to use, repurpose, share, and adapt. The majority of this kind of photos uses a licence that provides six various levels of free usage access.

Royalty-Free Images

You can buy these photos with a one-time fee. The purchase covers multiple usages without extra charges. Just check the licensing agreement for details on how to you can use the photo and possible restrictions on the kind of usage.

Public Domain Photos

These photos are not copyright-protected. They have no limitations on use and no fees for any kinds of usage. Most of these photos are more than a century old and those produced by a government or government agency.

Free Images

Photos for sale online can be expensive and most people find it difficult to understand photography licencing and rights. But many online photos are free to use. These photos can be freely used in any personal or commercial application. Usually, they can be modified and don’t require permission to be used. But, some websites may require you to include photo credit when using a photo.

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