Different Types of Plastic Moldings and their Benefits

Plastic moldings have been popular for offering a wide variety of usage, both inside and outside the house. It would be pertinent to mention here that plastic moldings are also referred to as plastic exterior trims and plastic trims as well. Using the rotational molding process, plastic moldings are created to suit your specific needs and requirements. In a majority of cases, the products would be white coloured, but few would be coloured during the process. It would be caused due to addition of colour agent or pigment.

In event of you making use of plastic molding on the exterior of your house, you should remember some plastic molding might not stick on certain kinds of paint. In case, you have painted your house, you could check at your local hardware store on the kind of plastic molding that would work best for you.

Different kinds of plastic moldings

A wide number of plastic moldings have been used for making exterior trim.

  • High-density plastic molding

The high-density plastic molding would be manufactured from polyurethane. It has been widely common material used for manufacturing plastic molding. This kind of molding would also be used in the interiors of the house.

  • Polyvinyl chloride plastic molding

Yet another kind of plastic molding has been the one manufactured from polyvinyl chloride. It would mostly be turned into profiles and boards.

Vary in density and formulation

Plastic moldings, specifically used as plastic exterior trims would largely vary in density and formulation. It implies that higher density would make the plastic moldings relatively more stable and robust. These have been deemed resistant to indentation as well. It implies that the plastic molding could withstand to almost every kind of temperature and climatic condition. They would be able to handle the bumps usually endured by them. It would also imply that such plastic moldings would also be highly expensive.

Benefits offered by plastic molding

It would not be wrong to suggest that plastic molding has many benefits.

  • The material has the ability to stand up to different kinds of bacterial rots for a significant length of time.
  • The material would not shrink similar to wood in different weather conditions.
  • The plastic molding has been deemed relatively easier and convenient to install.
  • This kind of plastic molding would entail less time and labour for the installation process.

The plastic molding design process has been relatively simple or it would need sophisticated CAD design software program.

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