Common Misconceptions About Motorcycle Suspension

After a while of riding your newly bought dirt bike, a point will come when you are going to get hit with the upgrade itch. You start noticing that some parts of your motorcycle are not performing well, so you get the urge to look for several parts that you can purchase to replace the stock parts.

If your focus is on upgrading suspensions, you can always turn to KYB motorcycle suspension components for great quality products. However, you might have heard all sorts of rumours and myths about suspensions, so it may have made you step back a bit and figure out whether you truly need the suspension upgrades or not. Luckily, experts were able to debunk some of these myths about motorcycle suspensions.

  1. Suspension Upgrades Can Only Improve Handling

Some motorcycle owners think a suspension upgrade will only improve handling. While this is true for the handling, your new suspensions can somewhat improve push-down force to the ground and thus traction. Also, the riding comfort and braking power are improved, ensuring the rider gets the full potential out of these suspensions.

  1. Every Bike has a Factory Set Up for a 75kg Rider

Another myth that some motorcycle enthusiasts keep telling everyone. Not every bike that came out of the factory is set up for the same rider weight. Instead, motorcycles are set up for small or big riders. There are even times that factories have different setups for the front and back suspensions, which may cause a few slight issues for the rider. Only a few lucky riders can buy a motorcycle where the setup is consistent. But if the measurements are not consistent, you should have the suspensions adjusted right away.

  1. Replacing Factory Suspension is a Must

While this is true for riders who want to see a significant improvement in their rides, you do not necessarily need to replace the entire factory suspension. Some motorcycles can give riders the option to replace specific parts of the suspension, such as the shock springs, valves, oils, shims, and everything else. Upgrading specific parts of the suspension is a great way to spend whenever you are on a budget.

  1. Replacing Rear Shocks Solves All Suspension Problems

Experts do not entirely agree with this statement. When you only replace the rear suspensions, it can create even more issues for the rider as the setup may not entirely be the same. You should know that the front and rear suspensions should be in harmony to get the best riding experience and comfort. If you recently had new suspensions installed at the back, make sure you have it adjusted by professional mechanics to ensure it matches your front suspensions’ performance.


  1. Using Adjustable Electronic Suspension is the Best

Today’s technology still has a few kinks, so it is safe to assume that electronic suspensions cannot deliver the ultimate performance. However, the advantage of adjustable electronic suspensions is their ability to make fast adjustments for different road conditions. The only downside is most of them are factory set up, so you will still have to make a few manual adjustments to make it perfectly suit your preferences.

These are just some of the many misconceptions about suspensions that experts have already debunked. Although, you won’t have anything to worry about your suspensions as long as you maintain them correctly and get professional assistance from highly skilled mechanics all the time.

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