Best Areas to Invest in Buy to Let Property in London

Short term letting refers to renting an apartment for a short period of between one week to over a year. In some cases, it can be under a week for persons on vacations or business trips. Payments are made monthly or weekly for the ones renting every week.
Short lettings in London are very common. This kind of lease is most common in areas with less rental property and high demand. In London, there are various types of short-term rental properties from cheap studio flats to bigger townhouses suitable for families or a group of students or tourists. The prices vary depending on the location and size of the property, view short let properties.
Owners of their properties maintain, upgrade, repair rentals to keep their customers and lure new clients. This kind of repairs is done several times a year compared to other types of properties. Some owners go to the extent of providing food at a separate price.


Such rental property is comfortable to vacate even with little notice. For the working class, when one gets a job transfer, it can be easy to find a short-term rental home close to your workplace. The properties can become of great benefits when you move to London; one can stay here as you look for permanent residence.

Low budget.

London is a capital city it’s known for its upscale accommodations, but if you are willing to stay at any location and avoid renting during the major holiday season, then you will easily find a short term apartment. For students how are looking for a cheap living space for three months or more places outside zone one are more suitable, these areas are like Kennington and Shepherds Bush.

High end rental.

When looking for a lavish holiday getaway then London is the place to be. Short term rent letting penthouse is available. Some even come with a private rooftop spectacular views of the city’s modern and vintage architectures. This kind of properties can be found Marylebone, Notting Hill, Canary Wharf and Chelsea. Villas are available for weddings, and some come with private swimming pool and tennis courts, they are spacious and can accommodate large families or even group.

For business.

Most companies and embassies rent short term lets for their workers. When you arrive in London for a business meeting or a conference you can quickly find a studio flat or a one bedroom at any price depending on your financial status. These rentals come with internet access and TV so you can work late night also free parking. They come fully furnished with a fully operational kitchen and bedding to give you the best stay in London.

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