Tips and Tricks, You Need to Know About Signage

A successful business only remains successful when they manage to retain their old customers and bring in new customers. Putting up quality signage is a foolproof way of grabbing the attention of pedestrians and communicating with potential customers. The signs must be specific, concise and simple for everyone to understand immediately.

An effective way to ensure that your signs work is by hiring a professional. Magnify Signs Englewood Colorado provides professional signage services for other businesses in Denver and other parts of Colorado. They provide a wide variety of signs keeping your brand and goals in mind. Furthermore, they come for a free personal site survey, then custom designs a sign for you and even install it themselves.

Types of signage

  • Outdoor signage: This is a crucial physical retail as it directly connects with the customer and creates a first impression.
  • Informational signage: This helps the customers find their path and makes it convenient for them to find what they came for.
  • Persuasive signage: These signs try and influence consumer behavior to trick them into buying your product.
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Signage: These signs make sure that everybody feels welcome by providing extra care and facilities for the differently-abled.

  • Mats: Mats can be used as signs with logos and one-liners printed on them.

Other unique ways of using signage

The following are other types of signage that can attract an audience.

  • Create an eye-catching monument sign: Instead of using a typical board for the name of your business, you can put up a humorous mascot or even use digital signage that you can keep modifying.
  • Decorate the outside walls: A brightly painted building can catch a lot more attention than a colorful sign. It can help you stand out in the neighborhood.
  • Put the best products on display: A marketing tactic to attract pedestrians is to display all the best products near the front to attract the attention of passing cars and people.
  • Put out a portable sign: A portable and interactive sign that can go around the streets socializing and playing games with people can create more brand awareness.

  • Use balloons: If your business has a terrace or balcony, tying balloons in open spaces provides attention to the business even from a farther distance such as if balloons were tied in the terrace of a tall building in Englewood, the whole city would be attracted to it.
  • Go digital: Adding QR codes on shop windows of your business can attract the technology-obsessed youth. The code would redirect to the website that shows the price and other details of the good making the shopping experience even simpler.


The above ways can be used to make signage an effective promotional campaign. Lastly, to reap its benefits fully, the hiring of professional expertise could be a wise choice.

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