The New Financial Year – The Perfect Time for a Workplace Spring Clean?

Workplace decluttering can be instrumental for the efficiency of your company. Clearing and refocusing the minds of your employees helps to improve workplace productivity and help the psychological state of the company. In this article, we go over why the start of a financial year is a great time for a spring clean and how to go about such a renovation of the workspace.

Why a financial new year? 

A spring clean of the entire workplace and storage departments is a great way of preparing for the new year of business. Tidying the workplace and getting the focus of the business on the upcoming projects throughout the year is a great way of keeping track of your targets and making sure of progress year-on-year.

Workplace spring cleaning undoubtedly declutters the business, however, there is a more important reason for undertaking such tasks at the time of the financial new year. The end of a financial year is important for General Data Protection Regulation laws. Much of the documentation that your business creates will either need to be retained or destroyed at the end of a financial year. Even for documents that do not have triggers for the end of a financial year, it provides a perfect opportunity to ensure your company’s practices are aligned with General Data Protection Regulation laws.

How to go about a workplace spring clean 

There are different options for tackling workplace spring cleans. One of the most effective methods is to go from department to department throughout a working week and methodically and systematically tackle all workplace documents and clutter. This can ensure that the undertaking is carried out swiftly, yet the business does not lose numerous working hours, as, at any one point, most of the workforce is working. This approach minimises disruption and is considered one of the most preferable.

One of the key elements of a spring clean is ensuring that the retention and destruction of documents are carried out in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation. Documents to be retained must be kept in locked storage where access is restricted, whether that be in a physical or electronic manner. Documents to be destroyed should be handled by professional shredding services who can ensure effective destruction of personal and confidential data. For more information on shredding, click here

Carrying out a systematic spring clean of the workplace can ensure that employees arrive at a more pleasant workspace, where the efforts of the business are focused on the year ahead. It will also ensure correct business procedure in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation. Spring clean today for a more focused fiscal year.

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