Multi-channel Success for Growing Businesses

In order to be successful in the modern age as a business within any industry, it is important that you have the ability to interact and communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers across a variety of platforms, Multi-channel retailers require top class employees that understand the nature of each platform in order to maintain high standards of customer service and to ensure a company continues to grow with brand reputation high at all times. Honest communication and an integrity of brand are two key components to multi-channel marketing and if you require assistance to maintain a high quality, you can find it through contact centre services that can provide dedicated support teams, fully versed in your brand, service and products.

Technology continues to evolve and advance at a very fast pace, and it is harder to track and collate information from customers across the wide range of platforms and channels that they are arriving at your company through. Maintaining the same consistency of message and customer service can be difficult when you are talking one person on the phone, another on Twitter, and another through an email chain as part of a complaints procedure.

Despite the differences in channels, the variation in etiquette for each format, and the expected response rates and conclusions in each, there has to be the same approach and a consistent methodology in place to ensure an effective resolution each time. The buyer’s journey will begin at a much earlier stage than it would have even ten years ago, with a variety of ways in which they can come across your business. If your are not fully prepared to pounce on a potential customer no matter where or how they arrive, you’ll lost them to competitors quickly in the modern day.

If your business works through multiple channels, developing its brand on many different levels and responding to customers and potential target customers in a variety of ways depending on the platform, the form and the individual situation, you’ll want to be able to have in place a team that understands how to effectively leverage each platform. By hiring a contact centre team with experience of dealing with multi-channel marketing and customer interactions, you can ensure that your brand integrity remains in place and that customer satisfaction is key across a wide range of platforms. You’ll remain relevant to the younger audience, and maintain high standards in traditional communication channels at the same time.

It is a balancing act to deal with customers via inbound telephone calls, emails and customer orders and transactions, through an effective and transparent complaints procedure, as well as through social media. A good team of contact centre contractors will be highly trained and provided to you as a dedicated extension of your organisation, understanding your core values and key ideals, knowing your products and services inside and out and understanding your brand to such a degree that any customer will assume they are talking to an in-house employee. This extra level of support will make all the difference to your success as a business.

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