Cue Hot Girl Summer by Megan Thee Stallion and Queen Nicki and jam to the official summer anthem!

With summer right around the corner and the pandemic getting more under control worldwide as millions have already been vaccinated, start getting back to the good ol’ summer vibes. But it’s already been so long since the proper last summer! Many may not be fully prepared for this “new” summer and may be missing many items, whether in their closets or their handbag. Also, with the younger generation becoming increasingly aware of and prioritising slow, sustainable fashion, the industry has seen a rise in such products. From eco-friendly clothing to thrifting to even supporting small businesses and designers, read on to find all nature-friendly products you could use this summer. From cute, small-business friendly designer dresses for women to silk laundry dress to eco-friendly and sustainably produced swimwear!

Wardrobe essentials

With most of the world stuck at home during these long months under lockdown, our wardrobes may be looking a little outdated, and to be honest, maybe even a little dull. Take the time to purge the old, fraying sweats and tees and replace them with cute, classy and chic summer dresses! For many, it may have been a while since the last shopping spree, so take the time out to scrounge for some adorable dresses for women and other trendy clothes like boot-cut pants, tank top, silk laundry dresses and tennis skirts. Remember, pastels are very in right now and match wonderfully with the cottage-core, soft girl aesthetic taking today’s young women by storm.

Swimwear and beach essentials

With hopes of spending a sunny summer day working on that golden tan, whether on Byron Bay or a tropical destination in Seychelles, it’s time to stock up on cute swimwear. Again, with the latest trends in mind, sustainability is big here. Finding locally-produced swimwear with minimal wastage, for example, would be a priority. Concerning styles, bandana-style tops, often in bright, statement colours, are quite popular. Matching sets are also trending, usually in pastel colours, but not just a set with bikini tops and bottoms! One can now find bikini sets with a matching scrunchie or headband! But more on that later. The main things to remember here are – sustainability, matching sets, vivid colours and varied styles.


To keep in line with a more cottage-core look, delicate, elegant faux gold or silver jewellery, often multiple layered chains is the way to go. Ironically, even though with swimsuits, matching sets are a thing, that’s not necessarily the case with jewellery, specifically earrings. Wearing different earrings, mixing and matching with sets in multiple piercings is another cool trend this summer. To deck up your hands, invest in some dainty, delicate rings. And oh, don’t forget body chains! Either the ones that go around your waist or the ones worn under bikini tops!

Hair essentials

Curtain bangs are the most recognisable trend of this year, as well as layered, mid-length cuts. To fit in with the cottage-core or soft-girl aesthetic, buy some cute scarves or headbands that can instantly switch up a look, making it more modern and chic. They work wonderfully with swimwear, too, paired with huge shades and a bold lip.

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