How to Use Zapier Marketing And Profit With Chatbots?

Every business was opened mainly for one reason – profit. No one ever thought it would be great to start something and not earn a dime from it. It’s normal, all we do is for money. Money helps us to live a better life.

In the world of technology and the internet, a lot of the business world moved from the streets and retail stores to the internet where they are basically doing the same. The only difference is that it is done without the physical presence of a person selling and a person being a customer. Learn more about selling through the internet here.

That communication between these two people is not going on live on the internet. People are texting the shops, the companies, and the businesses directly through their websites, social network pages, or through some of the many apps made for this.

Huge businesses simply can’t get everywhere and no matter how many employees they have, it’s impossible to make sure that every client gets an answer at the same moment they post a question. When we get into a store we want the seller to be there for us and answer all our questions as soon as possible.

It’s the same over the internet. It doesn’t matter if you write the question or speak. You still like to get served immediately. That’s why people invented chatbots. They answer all the question instead of an employee. Let’s break this scheme and learn more about this.

What are chatbots?

The chatbots are programs that can answer some of the client’s most frequently asked questions and to guide them through the process if something needs to be sold through the messenger app. See a more detailed definition here:

Also, the chatbots give the opportunity to create a series of options for the users. They can additionally choose what to do after the bot asks about something. The final result can be advertising a certain product, share some links that are important for a certain matter, or other.

The artificial intelligence is becoming a strong feature of internet-based companies and those who manage to sell their items through the internet. The chatbots are just a small step or the beginning of a revolution that is about to get bigger and bigger in the future.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is one of the biggest companies in the world dealing with this matter. It’s a company that creates artificial chat bots who are accustomed to certain brands and companies. The main app they use for their bots is the Facebook messenger.

With 1.2 billion active users and hundreds of thousands of companies advertising themselves on the platform, the bots are a sure way for an amazing communication between the customers and the sellers.

Zapier is an international brand that is active both in the USA and abroad. Around 200 employees are responsible for the work of this brand that is active in 13 different countries. It’s a company that is for-profit and makes some of the best solutions in the industry.

What can they do for your business?

Think about how important it is to have someone able to answer all the questions without a moment of waiting. Your customers will be so pleased to know that they can be served the same second when something is asked. See how the whole thing works on

Having this in mind you can expect to increase sales through the internet from 15 to 20%. One of the most annoying things on the internet is having a blank time or waiting for something to happen. As one of the top reasons not to go back to some webpage people mention the slow loading of the page.

It’s the same with the response from the company representatives. When a question is placed we expect an immediate answer and if we don’t get it we’ll probably look for the same place somewhere else.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the number one place for business. A lot of small companies decide not even to have their own websites because they don’t have the resources to care for them. Instead, they open a business profile on Facebook and they are connected with billions of people.

A small investment in a chat bot can make a huge difference. Realizing that your web site is having almost no visits compared to your Facebook page, gives you a clear understanding of why this is the best move. You don’t need retail stores nor employees that will guide the customers. A simple computer can do this for you saving money, time, and will give you the chance to focus on something else.

People don’t call on the phone anymore

Some might not be aware of this fact but more and more people simply don’t like to talk to other people through the phone anymore. The millennials are a generation that is connected with their smartphones much more than the previous generations.

Knowing this, you can easily understand why written communication is more important than some people think. The phones are no longer the main tool for making a phone call but to chat with other people and, obviously, communicating with companies.


Every business’s main reason for existence is to make a profit and feed the people working for it. Everything every company does is trying to improve its work and create a better environment for their customers and make their clients happier.

It’s obvious that having chatbots on the business page can make a huge difference. Every company having this installed increased the sales for a significant difference.

You can notice that most of the serious companies already have this installed and is using it daily serving thousands of customers. Even though they are big enough and have the opportunity to employ lots of people, they still like to follow trends and have the bot installed.

If there’s an additional problem, of course, an employee can take over the task and make a real conversation with the customers.

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