Everything to Know About Liquor and Bar Liability in Miami

Miami is the business and financial capital of Latin America and is the leading contributor to Florida’s urban economy. The Magic City, with its rich cultural presence, is home to a cohort of artists and a new world of gastronomy and liquor.

With the amount of fun comes the need for security and laws. Personal and public safety concerns, especially liquor and bar, are always honored by the Miami Personal Injury Lawyers. Florida’s strict laws on serving alcohol make the lawyers liable to take your side when you are put through any form of personal injury in any situation linked to bar and liquor.

Here’s everything you should know about these laws in Miami:

Liquor and Bar Liability

If you are injured by a drunk driver or a negligently serving bar or other intoxicated patrons, you have all the rights to sue the parties involved. In such a situation, Miami Personal Injury Lawyers can walk you through the formalities and win the case in your favor.

Florida has imposed strict laws for serving alcohol, which is called Dram Shop laws. Any establishment which offers alcohol and liquor has to stick to the laws, and if something goes wrong, they are at fault and answerable to the authority.

Dram Shop Law

Before the 1960s, Florida had a common law that held the people who consume alcohol liable in a situation that may lead to personal injury. But now, Section 768.125 of Florida Statute says that anyone who provides or sells alcohol to an underage person is liable for any injuries resulting from it.

The sellers or providers can be held accountable for any personal injury that incurs to the customer because of their product. For example, if a drunk driver injures you, they, along with the other parties, can be sued by Miami Personal Injury Lawyers.

Circumstances When Dram Shop Laws Come Into Play

There are a handful of situations when Personal Injury Lawyers can help you and bring the benefits of the Dram Shop Laws into play.

  • If a bartender continues to serve alcohol to a customer even after they have crossed the limits of intoxication
  • If the intoxicated customer caused a car accident and personal injury to a third person
  • To prove that the bar is wrong for over-serving liquor

The Dram Shop Laws in Florida differ from those in other states in one central point. The law does not hold the alcohol vendor accountable for serving it to someone who is already intoxicated.

Instead, it holds accountable the alcohol seller who served someone who is addicted or serves a minor who gets caught up in an accident.

Damages That Are Recoverable Under Liquor Laws

You can get compensation for various losses if you or your loved one is put through a difficult, life-threatening situation by an intoxicated person. Compensation can be for paying medical bills, property damage, lost money, physical suffering, and pain.

Serious personal injuries can cause irreversible damage and pain. When you are put through such a stressful situation, get in touch with a reliable personal injury lawyer to help you with the financial recovery.

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