6 Tips When Putting On an NBA Jersey for Casual Wear

Basketball has become a global phenomenon, thanks mainly to the growing popularity of the NBA. Even the COVID-19 pandemic was no match as the league was able to finish the 2019-20 season successfully, albeit inside the safety of the Orlando bubble. It is no surprise that merchandise sales for NBA jerseys and other items are still up.

If you are one among the many people who recently bought a favourite player’s jersey, here are some tips on how and where to wear them:

Wear a Shirt Under the Jersey

NBA jerseys are excellent for casual wear. Yet, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when wearing them. One is to wear a shirt under the jersey to make it look more fashionable.

There are a few exceptions to this unspoken rule. For instance, you can opt for an undergarment instead if the weather is especially warm. Also, if the occasion or environment allows for a very casual appearance, then wearing the jersey by itself would be fine.

Wear Complementary Bottoms

To complete your outfit, it is preferable to wear athletic bottoms. Track pants or matching basketball shorts will do the trick. Just make sure that the colours match. For instance, if you wear a red Chicago Bulls jersey, you could wear a matching blue or black bottom. Also, if you want to wear a bottom with team designs, then choose the same team as the jersey.

Wear Your Jersey in Appropriate Places

NBA jerseys are nice to have, but they could not be worn everywhere. As a general rule, jerseys are not appropriate for formal occasions. You can wear them when going to sports bars, live games, and costume parties. Casual settings such as the beach are also appropriate for wearing jerseys. If you plan to wear a jersey to a live game, make sure you are wearing a jersey of the home team. Wearing a jersey of the opposing team or one that is not playing is considered rude.

Do Not Tuck in Your Jersey

Players tuck in their jerseys during the game to avoid getting their hands and fingers snagged. In fact, it is part of the league’s rules. However, there is no need to tuck your jersey in if you are just watching the game. It is meant to be worn casually, so its fit and design are not the same as those being worn by the players during games. They look much better when not tucked in.

Pick the Right Shoes

Sneakers are the safest choice of footwear if you want to wear NBA jerseys. It feels comfortable and matches the look of virtually any jersey. You could also wear other types of footwear, depending on your bottoms. Pickup sandals, loafers, and boat shoes are some examples. And of course, you could never go wrong with a pair of basketball shoes. Whatever footwear you end up choosing, try to avoid wearing a pair that looks too old or has too many scuff marks.

Visit Apparel Shops Regularly for the Latest Trends

Timeless classics like the jerseys of all-time greats are nice to have, but there are only a few situations where you can wear them. If you are looking for casual wear, visit your favourite shops online or at their retail store for the latest trends on the best-selling jerseys.

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