5 Classic Varieties of Custom Sports Clothes

Do you want to create unique athletic gear? A few decades ago, at the 2002 Winter Games, Steven Bradbury (speed skating) and Alisa Camplin (aerial skiing) won Australia’s first-ever Olympic gold medals. In that spirit, you can continue the country’s sports tradition with custom sports clothes. This could be for your local football or rugby team, or to create personalised outfits.

Here are some of the most popular options:  


Athletes traditionally wear these shorts for sports like track & field. However, when picking customised sports clothing, they’re an outstanding option for hot days whether or not you’re playing sports. That’s due to singlets being sleeveless with a low neckline. You can even pick among different designs, colours, and sizes.


The history of manufactured tees dates back to the Mexican-American War when the United States Navy started using them as undershirts, according to Read Thread. In 2019, the global market for custom t-shirts was valued at over AUD4.6 billion.

T-shirts are the classic sports shirt. When customised, you can select features like:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Logo
  • Lettering


Athletes wear these shirts for sports like rugby, tennis, and the sport with the same name. Polo dates back to India during the 1800s when British soldiers invented the sport.

The Britons first played polo with long-sleeved cotton shirts. However, they tweaked them with buttons since the collars flapped around during matches.

Today customised polo shirts are available in different options. That includes different styles, colours, and designs. These shifts provide sporty yet classy aesthetics since they combine pullover and button-up styles.


“Short pants” are a practical option in warm weather when it’s not practical to wear sweatpants and other options. They provide more breathability versus sweatpants. This is important not only for warm weather but also for indoor heating systems.

You can pick among options like training shorts for sports including:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

The styles vary somewhat based on the priorities for different sports. For example, the physical movements required for sports like badminton and volleyball are different. Selecting sports-specific shorts can improve the wearer’s performance.

You can also customise shorts with different factors. For example, it’s important to check the material, comfort, and fit. When selecting customised apparel, you can also add elements like your team logo.



The Australian government reports the all-time coldest recorded temperature was

-23°C (-9°F) in New South Wales during June 1994, according to New Idea. During the winter season, in particular, it’s practical to wear hoods.

These long-sleeved shirts can be customised like other items. This includes different options like colour, design, and logo.

Hoods help protect an athlete’s arms from cold temperatures. Even if you’re just sporting a hooded sweatshirt in cold weather, you’ll feel cozier doing your day-to-day activities. When you’re comfortable, this can provide benefits like increased productivity and efficiency.

Another of the main benefits of hoods is they also provide coverage for the head, which is important in cold weather. That’s because up to 10% of body heat escapes from the head, according to Live Science.

Whether your sports team needs new uniforms or you want to create your own athletic gear, custom sports clothes give you options ranging from T-shirts to tank-tops, and from shorts to hoods. You can create year-round personalised athletic gear that even displays your name.

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